Waiting for the good weather.

A couple of hours ago, I was lying down on my bed in my room at the topmost floor of Block D, Sultan Bello hall in the University of Ibadan. The weather was cold and chilly and I was trying to get some sleep but couldn’t, so my mind drifted back, floating in the recesses of my memory to a time when I was a young lad. I was wearing the blue and white stripes of my primary school uniform. I looked ahead and i saw a fair-skinned young man who happened to be the school’s newly recruited music teacher. He was teaching us something about the aesthetic values of music before he stopped abruptly and told us that he wanted to teach us a song. Up till this present moment, I still cannot fathom the circumstances that made him teach us this song. But what I do know is that, over a decade on, that song still plays itself over and over in my subconscious and has an impact on me one way or the other. The song went thus:
‘Whatever you can do today,
Don’t leave it for tomorrow,
Whatever you can do today,
Don’t leave it for tomorrow.
For tomorrow has it’s own problems,
And they would surely come.
Whatever you can do today,
Don’t leave it for tomorrow’

The reason why my primary school music teacher might have sang the aforementioned song might have been in order to curb laziness and procrastination in his young proteges. To think in this direction is very much proper and even plausible. But in my little experience in life, I’ve come to understand that the factors that militate against doing what is expected of you, when it’s expected of you is much more grave than Procrastination and Laziness. Oh yes, these two play their parts in not getting things done….and yes, they are the most important reasons why we don’t get things done. But how could we ever forget about the syndrome called, ‘WAITING FOR THE GOOD WEATHER’!

We are all guilty of ‘waiting for the good weather’. For some, this syndrome is mild, while for others it’s moderate while for some others still, it’s so severe and deeply ingrained into such individuals that they don’t even know that they are sufferers of the syndrome. ‘Waiting for the good weather’ is characterized by the desire and willingness to have all variables swinging in one’s favour before one decides to make any move in getting things done. The truth remains that no matter how much we want an ideal world similar to our worldview of how things should be, there is nothing that’s going to change the way things are-the real world-except we make moves NOW to create our ideal world. Many of us know what we do, in actions and thoughts, that typifies the syndrome of ‘waiting for the good weather’, so I’m not going to spend any more time on that. However, I have some recommendations that could be helpful for us in our bid to break away from the syndrome of ‘waiting for the good weather’. My recommendations are:

1. Don’t be afraid of trying new things. This might be difficult when all the resources you need are not in place. But you just have to start the new thing first. Remember, ‘To begin a task is to have half completed it’
2. Challenge yourself. You want success, don’t you? If yes, the fact that you want success in a task should provide enough drive for you to prevent you from ‘waiting for the good weather’. If conditions are not favourable, make them to be.
3. Reach out to others. Don’t sit still within your area of comfort and wait for others to meet you, as if they are owing you or something. Step out of your comfort zone and you’d be surprised at what you’d find.
4. Before you get into something, make sure it’s God’s will for you. Even if you wait for the ‘good weather’ and God’s hand isn’t in what you want to do, you are asking for frustrations and disappointments.
5. Expect criticisms and move on. Someone quipped that, ‘the only way to avoid criticisms is to say nothing, be nothing and do nothing’. Unless you have plans to remain a nonetity in life, I don’t think you will still want to wait for the ‘good weather’ just to avoid criticisms. Hear all criticisms, learn from the constructive ones and discard others.
6. Accept mistakes as the price of progress. Because you want to avoid mistakes is no reason to wait for the ‘good weather’ before performing tasks. A benefit of making mistakes is that you learn an additional way NOT to perform a task. A mistake every now and then won’t kill you. Learn from them and move forward.

Don’t ‘wait for the good weather’, but in your thoughts and actions, make the ‘weather’ how you want it to be!



Isn’t there something eerily spooky about ‘Factor VI’? Something strange, something mythical, something mystical, something enigmatic, something clandesteine, something mysterious, something……okay, I’ve run out of adjectives, but I’m sure you now get my point, don’t you?

I’m pleased to inform you that ‘Factor VI’ is actually something but not qualified by any of the aforementioned adjectives I used. Well, at least not in the physiological sense. In Physiology, ‘Factor VI’ is hypothetically something, but it’s nonexistent.

Now, for those of you who are not physiologically inclined, there are certain substances (or factors) present in our blood. In the event of injury or trauma to the blood vessels, these factors cause blood to clot, in order to prevent excess blood loss from the body. These factors, though possessing proper names like Hageman, Stuart-Power, and even Christmas, are named in Roman Numerals from I to XIII. Now, here’s the catch (please, roll the drums): THERE IS NO FACTOR VI!

Yes, there’s no ‘factor VI’, at least not until NOW that the University of Ibadan Physiology Students’ Association (UIPSA) Press Organization decided to create it and bring it forth. But this time, ‘factor VI’ would not be in the form of a blood clotting factor. No, it would be coming out in the form of the maiden edition of the sessional MAGAZINE publication of the Press Organization.

So, do you want to be a partner with us, as we embark on this HISTORIC creation of something totally unheard of before? Do you have a company or brand name that you want to advertize? Then, ‘Factor VI’ is your best bet.

For advertisement, sponsorship and partnership details, call the following numbers:
Editor in Chief, UIPSA Press 08169001423
Deputy Editor in Chief 07069124875
Managing Editor 07032983539
General Editor 07033493494

Has the cat got your tongue? (Part2)

Continued from Part1

I am only too aware that there are numerous individuals in the department who are logisticians and technocrats and are fully capable of moving the association to the next level.

But what do they do instead?
They fold their arms and point accusing fingers from their comfort zones in the background.
They write and present 100-count charges against the excos during the association’s general congress.

Yet, when the time for elections come, the ‘cat’ eventually gets their tongues. They chicken out in sheer fright and cowardice because of the various screenings by the association’s electoral committee, the Press and the general UIPSA house during the manifesto. They are selfish people, myopic in nature and lacking the sagacity to see the bigger picture of what their abilities may bring to UIPSA.

To me, I have the feeling that the association’s main elections and by-elections over the past few years (most especially the immediate past elections for the incumbent tenure) have been just too outrightly straightforward.
I HAVE A DREAM that in the not too distant future, whenever it is time to cast votes, UIPSAites would be spoilt with quality choices of who to vote for in the elections.
I HAVE A DREAM that one day, UIPSAites who decide to come out for the available political offices would not do so because there is no one else to come out but because they are able, capable and possess what it takes to lead UIPSA to greater heights.
I DREAM of the day when there would no longer be by-elections in UIPSA because committed, convinced, competent and concerned technocrats have taken up all the available posts in the main elections.

UIPSAites, it’s time to start dribbling out of the embarrasing situation of ‘tonguelessness’. It’s time to retrieve the ‘tongues’ from that ever elusive proverbial cat!!!


Has the cat got your tongue? (Part 1)

A few years ago, I used to watch a particular season movie called ‘Robin Hood’. While I had a strong aversion to season films due to the length of time that each season took, as well as the high level of suspense that transpired between episodes and seasons, I just couldn’t develop any form of dislike for ‘Robin Hood’. It had the right combination of witty comments, action, as well as history which I love so much. Infact, ‘Robin Hood’ was the first (and only) time that I completed an entire season of a movie.

Now, I’m sure that you are wondering what all these has to do with you; or maybe perhaps you are wondering how this particular information would add naira wads to your account(s).

Well, I remember vividly a particular episode in ‘Robin Hood’, when the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham and his sidekick, Sir Guy of Gisbourne went to a particular hamlet and started cutting out the tongues of the villagers when they could not (or would not) give useful information pertaining to Robin’s whereabouts. The question, ‘Has the cat got your tongue’, (which means to figuratively ask why an individual continues to remain silent to questions he/she is being asked) was literally used to great effect when the Sheriff had the tongues of the villagers cut out by his minion-like soldiers.

Basically, whenever I muse over the question, ‘Has the cat got your tongue?’, I can’t help but start to picture the status quo of the Student Association of my department (i.e, University of Ibadan Physiology Students’ Association, UIPSA) which is, as it were, without a Public Relations Officer (PRO).

While this is sad, due to the fact that there’s no means of communication between the association executives and the UIPSAites (especially the freshmen that need to be carried along), it also puts a lot of strain on the current crop of excos, as they have to exhibit a great degree of flexibility and versatility to ensure that the office of the PRO isn’t sorely missed.

On the long run, this scenario might turn out to be a blessing in disguise, since it would make every exco stronger. At the same time, this scenario could be equally damaging and detrimental to the level of concentration that each exco is devoting to his/her duties. Remember, UIPSA is preparing for its 25th anniversary celebrations and the accuracy needed to target the much desired success can’t be gotten haphazardly. Hence, the more reason for the need to have each exco concentrating primarily on the optimal performance of his/her duties.

However, in my opinion, I can’t blame the current crop of excos for UIPSA’s ‘tonguelessness’. Neither can I blame the Association’s Electoral Committee for it’s high standards (I think it was a minimum CGPA of 3.0 for all posts in the cabinet) which eventually chased some aspirants away.

I am going to place the entire blame at the feet of UIPSAites for their disinterested disposition to departmental politics, and also to the department at large. I feel UIPSAites treat the department and the association as the case of the goat that is owned in common which almost always dies of hunger.

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi there. You are welcome to my first blog!

My name is Promise Michael Oluwatosin Tewogbola. I’m the first born in a family of five. I don’t believe in limitations because ‘sky is the beginning, God is the limit’.

I like to call myself ‘Platinum’, or as the French would call it, ‘le platine’; And I definitely do not mind you addressing me as that too.

The reason behind this name (i.e, Platinum) is not too farfetched:
You see, platinum is an element that chemically (and even more importantly, economically) has more value than gold. This is due to the fact that it has numerous physical and chemical characteristics that have advantages that clearly outweigh that of gold. So, despite all the aesthetic hype that is being heaped on gold, there is still something beyond that, and it is Platinum.

This is a fact that the Music Industry fully understands. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold awards/ratings that are given to songs produced by artistes based on the quality and popular acceptance of these songs. But when a particular songtrack or album soars expectations, the songs are rated PLATINUM. Sometimes, the song is simply ‘da bomb’ and then it is rated DOUBLE PLATINUM. I just enjoy seeing my self that way.

You see, I might not be the richest, most influential, most affluent or the most handsome guy around, but there is ‘a treasure hidden in the earthen vessel’; and that treasure is clearly greater than what anybody can fathom out!!! You can choose to adopt my worldview….inasmuch as the brightness of a star in the sky does not dim the brightness of other stars. You are a Star!

Now, to the purpose behind this blog: Many times, I’v heard people creating blogpages just for the fun of it. Yes, blogging could be fun, it could be useful in the development of one’s writing skills, and so on. But, I’m of the opinion that if the purpose of a particular instrument is unknown, abuse is unavoidable.

So, I have made up my mind to use my page as a form of ‘public diary’. ‘Diary’, not in the sense that I would be writing about deep secrets. No, what I have in mind is a personal perspective of matters arising from my heart and/or mind, as the case may be.
‘Public’ in the sense that I would expect to use this medium as a means to interact with diverse groups of people in order to rub minds for the greater good of everyone.

So, I think I’v done some form of justice to my first ever blog. Please, feel free to read keenly, drop your suggestions/comments and invite others to do likewise.

God Bless.