Welcome to My Blog!

Hi there. You are welcome to my first blog!

My name is Promise Michael Oluwatosin Tewogbola. I’m the first born in a family of five. I don’t believe in limitations because ‘sky is the beginning, God is the limit’.

I like to call myself ‘Platinum’, or as the French would call it, ‘le platine’; And I definitely do not mind you addressing me as that too.

The reason behind this name (i.e, Platinum) is not too farfetched:
You see, platinum is an element that chemically (and even more importantly, economically) has more value than gold. This is due to the fact that it has numerous physical and chemical characteristics that have advantages that clearly outweigh that of gold. So, despite all the aesthetic hype that is being heaped on gold, there is still something beyond that, and it is Platinum.

This is a fact that the Music Industry fully understands. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold awards/ratings that are given to songs produced by artistes based on the quality and popular acceptance of these songs. But when a particular songtrack or album soars expectations, the songs are rated PLATINUM. Sometimes, the song is simply ‘da bomb’ and then it is rated DOUBLE PLATINUM. I just enjoy seeing my self that way.

You see, I might not be the richest, most influential, most affluent or the most handsome guy around, but there is ‘a treasure hidden in the earthen vessel’; and that treasure is clearly greater than what anybody can fathom out!!! You can choose to adopt my worldview….inasmuch as the brightness of a star in the sky does not dim the brightness of other stars. You are a Star!

Now, to the purpose behind this blog: Many times, I’v heard people creating blogpages just for the fun of it. Yes, blogging could be fun, it could be useful in the development of one’s writing skills, and so on. But, I’m of the opinion that if the purpose of a particular instrument is unknown, abuse is unavoidable.

So, I have made up my mind to use my page as a form of ‘public diary’. ‘Diary’, not in the sense that I would be writing about deep secrets. No, what I have in mind is a personal perspective of matters arising from my heart and/or mind, as the case may be.
‘Public’ in the sense that I would expect to use this medium as a means to interact with diverse groups of people in order to rub minds for the greater good of everyone.

So, I think I’v done some form of justice to my first ever blog. Please, feel free to read keenly, drop your suggestions/comments and invite others to do likewise.

God Bless.


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