Has the cat got your tongue? (Part2)

Continued from Part1

I am only too aware that there are numerous individuals in the department who are logisticians and technocrats and are fully capable of moving the association to the next level.

But what do they do instead?
They fold their arms and point accusing fingers from their comfort zones in the background.
They write and present 100-count charges against the excos during the association’s general congress.

Yet, when the time for elections come, the ‘cat’ eventually gets their tongues. They chicken out in sheer fright and cowardice because of the various screenings by the association’s electoral committee, the Press and the general UIPSA house during the manifesto. They are selfish people, myopic in nature and lacking the sagacity to see the bigger picture of what their abilities may bring to UIPSA.

To me, I have the feeling that the association’s main elections and by-elections over the past few years (most especially the immediate past elections for the incumbent tenure) have been just too outrightly straightforward.
I HAVE A DREAM that in the not too distant future, whenever it is time to cast votes, UIPSAites would be spoilt with quality choices of who to vote for in the elections.
I HAVE A DREAM that one day, UIPSAites who decide to come out for the available political offices would not do so because there is no one else to come out but because they are able, capable and possess what it takes to lead UIPSA to greater heights.
I DREAM of the day when there would no longer be by-elections in UIPSA because committed, convinced, competent and concerned technocrats have taken up all the available posts in the main elections.

UIPSAites, it’s time to start dribbling out of the embarrasing situation of ‘tonguelessness’. It’s time to retrieve the ‘tongues’ from that ever elusive proverbial cat!!!



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