Three Words

‘I love you?’
Yeah, even more,
God loves you
‘Cause He’s love!

This whole business
Of three words
Still bores down
All to perspective
What you see’s
What you are
Nothing more explicit
C’mon let’s go!

Grace’s three dimensions
Father, Son, Spirit
Power above powers
Spirit, Soul, Body
Inspiration, then Execution
Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding

Mysteries of Godliness
Breaking of Bread
Drinking of wine
Piercing the Body
Spilling the Blood
Power of Tongues
The tongue’s choices
Life and Death
Curses and Blessings

Wonders without numbers
Ask, Seek, Knock
Ask, Believe, Receive
Answers by Fire
Beauty for Ashes
Way, Truth, Life
Accept, Believe, Confess

King of Kings
Lord of Lords
Prince of Peace
Word of God
Mercy and Truth
Righteousness and Peace
Beginning and End
Alpha and Omega
First and Last
Power and Glory
Light over darkness

Word of God
Thirty, Sixties, Hundreds
Bread of Heaven
Lips of Grace
Anoited by God
The Double-edged Sword
From the Spirit
Divides the soul

‘Come up, hither!’
Body of Christ
The Perfect Bride
Yea…..and AMEN!!!


2 thoughts on “Three Words

    1. Thank you for the encouragement and correction.I’m really grateful. I re-read your article in the link and the sum total of my emotions about that article is: “More grace to you……(and your pen!)

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