Number Of The Day: Eleven.

I can’t think of any quote on numbers to kickoff this article. So, I’d just say that, ‘Numbers are….well, just numbers!’. I know that there are a thousand and one books and materials on the subject of numerology and symbology. And there have also been a lot of interpretations and deductions that have been deduced from numbers. For example, some say that good things happen in threes, while others claim that bad things happen in threes; some see seven as the number of perfection while others are of the opinion that thirteen is the unlucky number. Every person’s entitled to his opinion and as a matter of fact, I believe that inasmuch as you are currently on MY blogsite reading THIS particular article, you are going to have to adopt MY rules on this platform. So, I say, the number of the day is ELEVEN!!

Good. Now that is settled, let’s deal with what number eleven stands for. Err…..I really don’t know. The thing’s just that, as at today, Eleven is the most important number on this blog right now. I know I’ve been ranting for the past couple of sentences, but please bear with me, it’s just the wave of excitement that is currently sweeping over me as I’m writing this down…..

Well, in case you didn’t know, you are currently reading my ELEVENTH post on this site. I don’t know about you, but for me, this is special. Very special.

You see, the fact that I’ve entered a double digit number of posts shows some form of consistency on my part (‘The Real McCoy’ was my tenth post and though ten is also a number with two digits, I would stick with eleven due to the recurrence of ‘1’). You might be thinking that, ‘Just eleven posts in two months? So?’, but let me help you put everything in perspective:

I happen to be in my final year at the first (and one of the best) University in Nigeria. I’m also working on my research project on a relatively untrodden path in Physiology. In addition to that, I’m the Editor-in-Chief of my Department’s Students’ Press Organization and we are working on getting our maiden magazine publication ready (check my article on ‘FACTOR VI’ for more details). Finally, to crown it all, I publish my posts from a small JAVA phone with the old-fashioned keypads. Yeah, I still use that kind of phone in this 21st century! For those who are so used to the QWERTY phone keypads, or even better, computer keyboards, let me try and remind you of how excruciating, agonizing and frustrating it could be to type long posts just to ensure that I can publish on a blog. It’s very much like trying to peel an orange with one hand!!!

But against the heavy odds that are against me, I’ve been able to come this far, despite the lack of free time to publish posts and maybe, at times, the unimprovised resources too. And that’s why this eleventh post is important and very special to me.

Many thanks to my numerous readers, for your encouraging comments and corrections, for your likes and follows. I really appreciate you all.
And finally, a million thanks to my God and my All, for being my stay and source of inspiration in those times when I was so overwhelmed that I thought I could not go any further.


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