Eleven days after and my roomie still not helping matters,
Like clockwork that ticks and talks,
He counted every minute, but never did quite reach the hour,
Was bored by my bed, yet the loquacious bore,
Unforgivingly into me he bore,
But by Divine Providence, I was soon to be freed,
Drunken with euphoria, that which only peace can bring,
I drifted, ever slowly, into the treasure island of thoughts

Why are swayed and tossed to and fro,
By all that we let life throw at us,
With ourselves we struggle by ourselves, Hoping
To outdo ourselves in catching up with ourselves,
In a vicious cycle, satisfaction evades all, so search for more,
It’s a frantic race, and we are lost within it,
Then, we find ourselves, worrying,
Fittingly that we have nothing to worry about.

But have we considered ‘SELAH’?
Taking a break….to stop, think and meditate,
Stepping out of the frenzied rat race,
Pausing everything and playing it all in slow motion,
Stopping and searching for the security
Of that hidden treasure – the rivers of peace
Breaking forth from within and sweeping you off your feet,
Ah! Serenity and Tranquility.



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