I Am Gay

‘I’m not one to make excuses; I’m not one to place the blame on others. I’m not one to take the easy way out, I’m just a man trying to do the best I can…’, thus went the immortal words of J. Moss’ song ‘Just James’.

In the world we live in today, various human rights activists have come to the forefront as regards the way gays are being treated. Diverse interest groups have pushed various governments into making laws that ensure that homos are being protected by the constitutions of their countries. From the U.S. down to South Africa, more individuals are becoming more open about their preferred sexuality. ‘We are normal humans too’, they all seem to cry at once and they back this up with the appropriate actions, so we have gay profs, gay scientists, gay politicians and even gay priests.

I have my personal and quite unique opinions about this issue but I must admit to you that I’m gay. ‘Gaier’ than you might even think. Sometimes, I could be very gay and at other times, I’m not as gay as I would have loved to be. However, there’s no point in time when there’s not a bit of ‘gayness’ in me. Infact, I’m going to share the source of my gay life with you, because I woke up this morning feeling particularly gay.

Anybody reading this piece, thus far, could either be disgusted with my blatant admission to being gay; Or be quite impressed with my boldness to admit that I’m gay, in such a very homophobic society as this country. Whichever way, the English language is a very queer one. Back in the Victorian ages, people would talk of having a gay coloured hat, a gay temperament or even a gay life and nobody would feel offended. Then, the word ‘faggot’ only meant a bundle of anything and being ‘fagged’ only implied that one was extremely tired. However, you fastfoward a century and all these terms have a completely new meaning.

I’m not going to use this piece to condemn the activities of anybody. However, I would appreciate it if you, (yes you!) took a little time out today just to look at the wonderful works of God through nature. Or just take some time off your busy schedule and make a mental flashback of all that has ensued in your life in time past. Definitely, you’d find something to be thankful for. Then, you’d end up being as happy as I am. So gay!


11 thoughts on “I Am Gay

  1. I always wondered why homosexuals are gay, as being gay is one thing they are not.

    Over three decades of counseling, having taken gay/lesbian young people into my house and became father or family to them, one thing is very clear: the ”gay” partner is abuser, the other abusee.

    There is no happiness in being ”gay” in the modern idiom. There is just sadness, hurt and heartache. They never experience LOVE as their entire love experience remains to be sexually induced.

    I so wish that ”gays” could break through the mould and find Love!

    1. Wise words indeed, sir. I’m grateful that you took the time to check this post out. God bless you.

      It’s my prayer that homosexuals all over the world come to realise the truth that: God LOVES them, though He doesn’t approve of their actions. I think the entire Body of Christ should also express this love to these people. God is not going to come down from heaven to minister to the gays and lesbians. It’s the love we express to them that could prove vital in breaking the yokes in their lives and putting them on the path to experiencing the unforced rhythms of grace we HAPPILY enjoy everyday!

      1. We are His hands and feet, His voice. We judge gays & lesbians but our churches are full of half-naked girls and women, about two thirds are divorced and remarried, and the fraud crossing the desks of Christian businessmen is enormous. Yet we slam gays.

        It is like sending pot smokers to prison while we smoke tobacco – legalized, yet a most addictive drug! Hypocrites we are!

  2. Hmmn….Like having a log in one’s eye and yet trying to remove a speck of dust in another’s eye. It’s one thing to know the truth and another thing to LIVE the truth. May God deliver my generation

  3. Fantastic post! (I got a bit of a rebuke, thanks to your post. :() They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Would you mind if I borrowed your title and wrote a post of my own? I’ll give a link to this post as well. We need to be set back on our heels a bit about this topic, I think. 🙂


    Thanks for following Lessons by Heart and leading me here.

      1. I’m embarrassed to say that I nearly passed you by because of this title. I don’t know why, because I have a few atheists, some “spiritists” and a vampire who follow my blog (go figure!). It’s an honor to be read by such as these, for you know the Spirit is speaking to them…drawing them.

        Thanks for the jolt back to reality. This was an excellent post.


      2. There’s no need to be embarassed, I was also a bit scared when the title dropped into my mind. Up till now, my colleagues in school still call me ‘The gay guy’. I’m not bothered by that so far as I know that this article and the comments that follow could be the 1st step on the path of recovery for someone somewhere

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