v 2.0

‘Good, Better, Best,
I will never rest
until my Good is Better
and then my Better Best’

With time, personal records are broken, explosively
shattered into pieces as though they were China glasswares.
Awards and trophies are thrashed, nonchalantly
dumped on the ashheaps of life, existent only in memories.
That is Life, in its characteristically illogical fairness,
stubbornly unrepentant in its dealings with one and all.
Rewarding all: the discipline, the dedications and the pains
that reaching the unbroken and untouched took.

With time, the top of the game is attained and made one’s own.
At the pinnacle, the last rung of the ladder, it is heard in hushed tones
‘Nothing left to conquer’, the mind sadly mutters, finding it difficult
to accept that the taskmaster is now content with zero returns.
Left alone, the hero becomes seduced by success, who turns
his head, till he sees eye to eye with failure.

With time, the Best would eventually be bettered
‘By who?’- The timeless question that continually echoes
through the very essence of time itself:
the Best bettering himself;
or others giving a helping hand.
But the initial drive is no longer on seat and in exile,
the glowing coals of passion are finally extinguished.
Gain, and maybe greed, pokes the intuitive inner third eye.
Unemotionally cold and savagely inhuman,
they grin at the ensuing darkness within.

With time, the forgotten, like shadows in the early morning sun,
are remembered to be forgotten.
But when none except one is forgotten, in blind justice
why shouldn’t all be forgotten?
Like hitting on the reset button and kicking hard against the milestones,
Restarting the missions all over, so refreshing for the vision of old.
Update, and upgrade the drive, so passion burns unhindered within
As a beacon for posterity-
The Grammy winning swansong…

‘Good, Better, Best,
I will never rest,
until my Good is Better
and then my Better Best’


3 thoughts on “v 2.0

  1. Great message, nice voice. Like the passion. You built the poem largely out of the passive voice (is attained, are broken, shattered….are extinguished…) I almost included passive vs active voice in the series on the writing process, both round 1 and 2, but waved it off, figured most knew the passive really sets you back and weakens the writing. Of course there is creative and literary license, esp in poems. But unless one really knows what one is doing, the active voice will pull you out to a more cogent, crisp, efficient, dynamic place (attains, break, shatter..). Of course the shift will require some rearranging of subject/object….. Go ahead and delete this comment. I mean only to help.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem. I’m grateful for the encouragement and I’d make sure I make use of the active voice in my subsequent poems. And, no, I’m not going to delete this comment because it’s highly beneficial to me, and even other readers. Thank you.
      ‘Good, Better, Best,
      I will never rest,
      Until my Good is Better
      And then my Better Best’

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