Escapist Mentality

When I was in junior secondary school, my English teacher read a poem to my class.
I can’t remember the exact wordings of that poem but I know that the poet was describing the various ills that are faced on a daily basis in the typical Nigerian society.
However, what struck me most was the ending when the poem suddenly changed in tone and the poet started professing his undying love to one Maria- his mistress…

In the end, we are all humans. No matter how tolerant we might be to whatever is going on around us, we would still eventually get fed up with things we don’t like.

When situations and circumstances go adverse to you, where does your mind escape to? When you feel you can take it no more, what comes to you as a means of escape? What’s your escapist mentality?


10 thoughts on “Escapist Mentality

  1. Umm…okay. When penning the write up down, I imagined myself as a newscaster. The point of transition from the paragraph containing ‘mistress’ and the next one in my mind’s eye was just like when the camera’s angle changes and the newscaster turns towards the new angle.
    I now understand that if I’m going to try that next time, there should be an obvious link between the two paragraphs. Thanks so much, ma’am. 😀

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