Peter’s Net

Have you ever been in this situation before: You wanted something so badly. Then you got it. After that, you are almost shocked to death that you got it?!! It has happened to me so many times and I’m going to share the most recent with you. By the way, if you looked at the title of this post and you are expecting a story about Peter Pan, you are in for a very big surprise.

I started blogging late May this year. After the initial excitement of maintaining a blog had died down (Check ‘Number Of The Day: 11’), I decided to surf around the blogosphere to interact with other bloggers. That was when I saw it. Bloggers who had spent the same time period (or even less) that I had spent had almost ten thousand times more clicks and follows than I had. I was a bit downcast and discouraged because I had tried all that I knew to just make sure I had more traffic to my site. I told my friends about my blog, I shared links to my blog on twitter and groups on facebook. But I just couldn’t raise the amount of traffic that was getting to my blog. Then it happened. One of the bloggers I follow dedicated a particular post to his readers. You could ask anything and write anything. It looked like fun and it was fun. I read the previous comments on that post and I saw other bloggers writing links back to their own blogs in the comment section. So I said to myself, ‘Why not give it a try?’. Before that day ran out, I had the highest number of views that I had ever seen on my blog. It was scary. Suddenly, I found myself running out of breath to keep up with the comments that I was receiving. It took me the presence of mind not to start wishing for those ‘dry’ days all over again!!!

Funny enough, I saw a similar story to mine in the Bible. It happened between Peter and Jesus in Luke 5. And no, they were not blogging! Jesus was preaching at the bank of a particular lake. However, He was having a little of a crowd situation since the people were pushing on to Him to hear Him better. Who could blame them? Anyways, Jesus beckoned to Fisherman Peter who appeared to be through for the day since he was already washing his nets. Jesus asked to make use of Peter’s boat as a floating altar in the lake since that was the only way He could avoid being crushed by the crowd. It was an ingenious plan that probably prevented Jesus’ earthly ministry from ending prematurely. As soon as the highly interesting teaching session was over, Jesus discerned that Peter had a bad day. Apparently, Peter had washed his nets, but there were no fish. Now, pay attention. If you read the King James Version of Luke 5 vs 4, Jesus said, ‘Launch out into the deep and let down your NETS for a draught’. But in vs 5, Peter’s response was, ‘Master, we have toiled all night and have taken nothing: nevertheless at your word, I will let down the NET’. ‘Nets’ and ‘Net’ are NOT the same thing. In case you didn’t know, ‘NETS’ is the plural tense of ‘NET’. Peter was a fisherman and he might have had dreams of the day he would catch so many fishes. However, the Day came and he decided to play it safe. Maybe the guy just didn’t want to embarass anybody, in case the whole exercise flopped. At least, the fact that Peter even ventured to drop a single net showed that he believed Jesus’ words. Peter expected the miracle but his preparation for the miracle was poor. How many times do we ask for rain to fall, yet we don’t carry umbrellas? How many times do we ask for babies, yet we don’t buy baby cribs, clothes and the works. Luke 5 vs 6 tells us what eventually happens to Peter’s net. It broke. The miraculous supply of fish tore Peter’s Net. Infact, One ship and other nets later, the weight of the catch still threatened to sink the ships.

The next time you are earnestly seeking a miracle in your life, I think it would be better to start making adequate preparations, especially in your mind, to receive the miracle. After all, it’s better to die in misery than to die of the shock that a stupendous miracle would bring!!!


8 thoughts on “Peter’s Net

  1. I enjoyed the post – the honesty, the reflections.

    Peter’d had a bad day (Peter had had. Pluperfect tense). Infact (space apart, toward the end of post) ..and it was a glance but I believe it’s one s (not loosing) in the following post. Please delete this comment, at least this portion. Just meaning to help.

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