‘Yipee, First Ever Blogging Award!’ aka ‘They Call Me Dr. Versatility’

A couple of weeks ago, Mehak Latif (www.mmlatif2013.wordpress.com) nominated me for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’. This gesture sent very warm feelings through my heart. I’m really excited about this post and I wanted it to be written when I wasn’t all mushy in cloud nine! Once again, thanks so much Mehak Latif.

Before I go on, there are 3 rules regulating the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’. In the form of a blog post, the following guidelines should be followed:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and put a link back to their blog in your post.
2. List 15 bloggers you follow that you’d like to nominate for the award. (With their links)
3. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

The 15 bloggers whom I choose (in no specific order) are:

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And finally, 7 things about myself would include:

1. I’m currently a final year student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Unfortunately, the academic staff of all federal universities are currently on a strike. This means that unless something drastically happens soon, I’d probably still be a final year student next year. Without the strike, I should have graduated by now!

2. I have 2 younger brothers. There are three and a half years between my immediate younger brother and I. There are also exactly three and a half years between my immediate younger brother and the last born. When I asked my mummy how this exact spacing came to be, she pointed skywards! Well, not exactly…..but you got the point, didn’t you?

3. I was born in the U.K. My parents decided to move back when I was almost 4 years old. I’ve not travelled out of the country since then. I hope to do so in the nearest future.

4. I love watching football. Definitely not American football! That sport is too brute for me. I’m a soccer fan. My favorite football club is FC Barcelona. And my favorite footballer is obviously Lionel Messi. Though he’s currently injured, he’s still at least 1000 better than Cristiano Ronaldo! Strangely enough, my greatest fear also comes from football. Very rarely, a footballer would slump on the field and die. That scares me a lot! Thankfully though, it seldomly happens. Nevertheless, I still love watching football matches. I even plan to own a football club in the future.

5. I don’t have any favorite food. As a result, I believe I’d survive anywhere in the world. But if you serve me pounded yam with melon soup and vegetables garnished with well diced fish and topped with beef or chicken, I would most definitely not scold you. Except, of course, you don’t serve me water to drink with it!

6. I don’t talk with people easily. But once the ice is broken, we would just flow naturally. I have more female than male friends, though. I haven’t figured out the reason yet. Probably it’s because I’m a just cool guy that listens a lot!

7. I believe in God. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe in the Bible. I believe in New Creation Realities. I believe in life after death. I believe in Heaven and Hell. Fortunately, I don’t have a religion…
…Because Christianity is a lifestyle.

There you have it! All 3 rules followed to the letter. Do you share some qualities with me? Do you have questions for me, so you can know me better? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment box below.
Many thanks again to Mehak Latif (www.mmlatif2013.wordpress.com).



In the beginning, there’s formlessness and void
And I have this thought, so funny a thought,
‘How would I be wiser and better than I am now?’
Suddenly The Word is spoken. He seeks me out and finds me
He looks at me lovingly, and as I get ‘comfy’
I cannot help but notice the gleaming of a metal blade
Then He says, ‘I am after your heart!’
Without warning, His muscular arms lift the sharp double-edged sword
And sends it crashing straight through my head.

There is blood and tissue everywhere. And they are mine
I’m in pain, moreso, I’m in shock
My head is divided into equal halves
He takes a few steps back and silently admires the mess
Like an artist would look at a masterpiece.

I’m dead. Again I’m not
He picks my brain as I look on…
That’s all I remember,
Because a mightily rushing wind comes and makes me whole again

I try thinking, but can’t
My heart is meant to skip a beat, but it won’t

So The Word speaks again:
‘You are wiser and better than you could possibly ever be’
This time I don’t see Him, because He’s already in Me.

Walking Dead

‘Everybody wants to go to heaven, but none of them wants to die’.

For some, the macabre topic of death has become one that is discussed only at funeral services. It is talked about very briefly and in hushed tones. Death is one of the facts of life. In fact, living in a denial of death is the riskiest possible way to live.

The Syrians laid a seige against Samaria in 2 Kings 7. The seige induced a famine within the city. So severe that mothers boiled their babies to eat. Now, there were 4 lepers who were outside the city gates but quite far from the enemy’s camp. In those days, lepers were ostracized because they were ceremonially unclean and could contaminate anything they touched. So, these men had nowhere to go. If they returned to the city, they’d be stoned. Even if they were not stoned, they’d still starve to death. And if they had gone into the enemy’s camp, they could be slaughtered. Like chickens.

With time, these men became unsatisfied with the status quo. They were tired with life caught in the middle on no-man’s land. Besides, they were starving. They knew that there was nothing within the city. But what if the solution existed in the enemy’s camp? The way to know for sure was to find out. Even if it meant losing their lives. That was the point they became ‘Walking Dead’ men!

As discovered later, the attitude of the lepers paid off! They were the first to witness the miracle that God had wrought. This miracle consequently abolished famine within the very city they were ostracized from.

It started when the lepers became dead to themselves. They simply couldn’t die anymore, as they were already dead to fear that had initially imprisoned them.

We all should embrace this attitude in unpalatable situations. When we are comfronted with a need to change our circumstances. Note that unless we say like Esther, ‘…if I perish, I perish’ and brace up to face our situations head long, our circumstances would stubbornly not change.

‘Self-help is no help at all, self-sacrifice is the way, my way, to finding yourself, your true self’

I’m Tired Of Being Normal

You’d never find a mad man who would agree with you that he’s mad. Instead, he’d insist that YOU are the mad one! I’m going to say some things that would either make you think I’ve gone gaga. Or make you doubt your sanity. Except you’re in the same frequency with me.

I’m fed up of being normal. I’m sick and tired of flowing with the generally acceptable trend of things. I want to shake things up a bit and start walking in the consciousness of who I am. And if that means that I should become crazy to fulfil that, I really don’t mind. In fact, I want to be crazy! Crazily putting away the tried and tested traditions of the fathers. Crazily embracing the Ultimate One’s Words regarding me.

For starters, I have life. Abundant life at that`. This doesn’t only mean I have a home in heaven when I die. I’m also not meant to manage life on THIS side of eternity. Struggling and merely passing through is disobeying the Words of The Ultimate One.

See, I’ve also been given ALL things that pertain to life“! Not some things. Not most things. But ALL things. Why should I continue cheating myself by living less than what has been appropriated to me? Why should I continue to thrive on what people, circumstances and situations have carved out for me?

Don’t you get it? Let me now blow your mind: The power of the Ultimate One raised up His Son from death. The same power set The Son in heavenly places far above everything that has existed, exists or will exist. The power then put ALL things in The Son’s control. And because I’m a Believer, THAT power is available to me“`!!! There’s no way I’d hear this and still retain my senses.

I wasn’t made to live as a normal person. No sir, I was fashioned to be an anormally supernormal creation! And if the world sees that as craziness, it’s all good with me.

Spend time with the Good Book and The Ultimate One would open the eyes of your heart to know your place in Him.

` John 10:10
“ 2 Peter 1:3
“` Ephesians 1:19

People Get Ready

My Daddy wrote some poems for a series of Christian magazine publications bearing the same name. I just felt I should share one of them.


The greatest truths are the simplest,
As soon as a man is born, he begins to die;
Fame is vapour, riches take wings,
But eternity is written in the hearts of men.
The believers obey, the obedient believe.
People Get Ready,
Jesus is coming soon.

The outstanding among men,
Are the ones with understanding.
They prepare in the morning,
They are set in the night:
Waiting everyday for the sound of God’s trumpet.
The blemished and the wrinkled will not enter His Kingdom.
People get ready, this may happen anytime!

Malo Malo Malo Malo

Insteresting title, isn’t it. Yes, I also know that it looks like some mumbo-jumbo excavated from some extinct barbarian language from a prehistoric era. But while the words are indeed from a quite obsolete language, it’s one of the neatests wordplays recorded in history.

The words are in Latin. A rough interpretation would be as follows:
‘I’d rather be an apple tree than be an evil man in adversity’.

Initially looking at the statement and its interpretation, it was devoid of meaning to me. I even felt it was some form of nmemonics developed by Latin students. However, after taking a closer look, a truth hit me. Many times in the Bible, the righteous are referred to as trees (Psalms 1 & 92 are just a few of the numerous examples). They are firmly rooted in faith in God. They have thick trunks so that they aren’t tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. They are evergreen and are always flourishing. They are fruitful, yielding fruits such as love, joy, peace, patience, self control and the works. The shade their leaves offer, as well as their fruits, are refreshing to all and sundry.

Indeed, living like this is a million times much better than the adversity an evil man brings upon himself by wicked living.

‘Malo malo malo malo’

Number Of The Day: 50

It’s funny how time flies. I remember quite vividly that just a few months back, there was this heavy desire in my heart to start a (we)blog. That little desire has produced its 50th post today! Yes, I’ve come across diverse blogs whose monthly turnover of posts is three times what I’ve published in a little over four months. But I’m not going to downplay the significance of this GOLDEN milestone to me. I know I’m not yet at the level I want to be. And I’m neither at the level I used to be. It’s the desire to forge ahead that counts.

I’m grateful to God for being my stay and source of inspiration in the past, the present and the future. I also appreciate all those who, in one way or the other, have encouraged me to be a better blogger. Thanks for your views, your comments, your likes, your follows, your shares and your corrections. God bless you all.

What’s Reality?

Imagine you woke up to find all your entire life as just a dream. Or maybe all your dreams as just a continuation of your life. Many philosophical arguments and their consequent philosophical gyrations have been based on what exactly reality is. I find the topic quite interesting and I just felt like chipping my two cents’ worth.

1. All humans have a yearning within their hearts pertaining to the reason for existence on earth. This yearning is a pointer to the fact that there’s more to life than what our senses can perceive. Otherwise, we’d just go through life without giving a hoot about our purpose for existence, where we came from or where we are going to.

2. The yearning has been put in our hearts by God because we all were created by Him and originated in Him. Man was initially in the dark as regards his origin. He was groping in the dark, looking around for his Source, as well as meaning to life. Religion, however, came into the picture. The diverse religions have had varying successes in providing Man with valid answers.

3. There’s eternity which is the period where time doesn’t exist. Our time on earth is sandwiched between two periods of eternity. We originated from eternity. We are born. We live our lives. We die. We slip back into eternity. We all originated from Heaven but not all would spend the second half of eternity there. Our destination would be a direct consequence of our choices on earth.

4. Eternity is a realm that doesn’t have time and space delineations. The eternal is also the spiritual since it can’t be picked or sensed by our senses. However, there are interactions between the eternal and the physical.

5. Man is a Spiritual being with a Soul and a Body. As a result, Man, in himself, is the link between the eternal and the physical worlds.

6. The Eternal controls the Physical. The physical world deals with all that can be seen, felt, smelt, tasted or heard through the senses. The physical world also originated from superiorly perfect versions in the Spiritual realm. Thus, Man has two realities: An eternal one he senses with his spirit and the physical one he senses with his sense organs. Man CAN influence his two realities by his choices and actions.

From my highly simplistic approach, it’s evident that man can have the best of the two realities. Nothing in the physical happens arbitrarily without an influence from the spiritual. So many are just concerned with living here and now. Stop cheating yourself. It’s God’s will for man to have the best of the two realities, even on this side of eternity!!!

N.B: Tapping into the Spiritual reality without God’s covering is writing an invitation letter to the forces of evil. These can manipulate your perception of the spiritual reality. You have to believe in God to experience the benefits of the spiritual reality. Here on earth and also in Heaven.

The Morning After

After our exams, the other day, I played video games to stupor. Whereas, a few other people went on to read inspirational books. They just couldn’t stop reading!
After the powerful church programme I had prayerfully prepared for, I went on a sleeping spree.
Whereas, my pastor just kept on praying like nothing happened. He just couldn’t stop!
What do you do immediately after a hard-earned success? Do you bask in the euphoria of completing a taskful assignment? Or you go back to the habit that initially brought the success to you?

After achieving success, the temptation is always there to relax and soak in all the comforts and adoration that success brings with it. After all, success is a product of one’s hardwork. However, the attitude to success is where the delineation between great men and exceedingly great men are made. While great men feel they have earned their rest after achieving success, exceedingly great men don’t do that. They return to the drawing board, restrategize and prepare to strike again. Habits die hard. And that’s why they are always ready to move to the next level.

The Secret of Greatness is The Mystery of The Morning After.

No Equilibrium

There are certain laws that govern the way things happen on earth. I’m not the laws of physics or chemistry. No, I’m talking about the laws of life. These laws have been established by God Himself such that their principles hold in the lives of any individual regardless of religious affliation, age, sex or race. An example of such law is the law of giving. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, once you give, you would always receive. That’s how God works.

However, a very important law that its principles govern our activities in life is what I’d call the Law of Equilibrium. I’d state the law simply as, ‘There is NO equilibrium state in life’. That’s the law. And it’s true. The same way a see-saw would never remain at rest in a horizontal plane. In all of life’s endeavours, be it physical (such as working) or spiritual (such as praying), you are either having an upward trend or a downward trend. The moment you think you have attained equilibrium, be careful, you just might have started going down…

Ruminate on this: ‘…No man, having put his hands to the plow, and looking back, is fit…’. That’s the power of Equilibrium!