Sometimes ago, I watched a particular Hollywood movie. I think the name was ‘INCEPTION’. It starred Leonardo Di Caprio. The plot of the film was interesting.

It had a lot to do with dreaming. Dreaming in a dream. Sharing a dream with numerous people. However, of all psychological jargon in the film, one made a mark in my mind. It was called The Jump. This was explained as a push or nudge that suddenly changes your altitude from a higher to a lower plane. It’s this change in altitude that causes one to wake up from a dream.

We all have dreams, visions, aspirations and goals. But we are always content to remain in the Theatre Of Dreams. It’s been said that any man who wants his dreams to come true must wake up. But, even while awake, many still remain in the dreamstate. There’s nothing wrong with dreams or visions. However, we must wake up to create the ideals we dream about.

To awake from our blissful slumber, we all have phenomena that nudge us awake. For some, this could be in the form of the activities of encouragers. Others aren’t so lucky, as they are rudely awakened by life’s harsh realities: unemployment, poor health, poverty, etc. In spite of these, we have a place we can all run to where we are in need of a nudge that would wake us up to bringing our dreams to the real state. That place is the place of Prayer.

Are you in a dire need of a nudge or a P.U.S.H? Praying Until Something Happens (P.U.S.H.) could be your best bet in creating the ideals that you waste time dreaming about. Try Prayer. It works!!!


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