The Morning After

After our exams, the other day, I played video games to stupor. Whereas, a few other people went on to read inspirational books. They just couldn’t stop reading!
After the powerful church programme I had prayerfully prepared for, I went on a sleeping spree.
Whereas, my pastor just kept on praying like nothing happened. He just couldn’t stop!
What do you do immediately after a hard-earned success? Do you bask in the euphoria of completing a taskful assignment? Or you go back to the habit that initially brought the success to you?

After achieving success, the temptation is always there to relax and soak in all the comforts and adoration that success brings with it. After all, success is a product of one’s hardwork. However, the attitude to success is where the delineation between great men and exceedingly great men are made. While great men feel they have earned their rest after achieving success, exceedingly great men don’t do that. They return to the drawing board, restrategize and prepare to strike again. Habits die hard. And that’s why they are always ready to move to the next level.

The Secret of Greatness is The Mystery of The Morning After.


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