What’s Reality?

Imagine you woke up to find all your entire life as just a dream. Or maybe all your dreams as just a continuation of your life. Many philosophical arguments and their consequent philosophical gyrations have been based on what exactly reality is. I find the topic quite interesting and I just felt like chipping my two cents’ worth.

1. All humans have a yearning within their hearts pertaining to the reason for existence on earth. This yearning is a pointer to the fact that there’s more to life than what our senses can perceive. Otherwise, we’d just go through life without giving a hoot about our purpose for existence, where we came from or where we are going to.

2. The yearning has been put in our hearts by God because we all were created by Him and originated in Him. Man was initially in the dark as regards his origin. He was groping in the dark, looking around for his Source, as well as meaning to life. Religion, however, came into the picture. The diverse religions have had varying successes in providing Man with valid answers.

3. There’s eternity which is the period where time doesn’t exist. Our time on earth is sandwiched between two periods of eternity. We originated from eternity. We are born. We live our lives. We die. We slip back into eternity. We all originated from Heaven but not all would spend the second half of eternity there. Our destination would be a direct consequence of our choices on earth.

4. Eternity is a realm that doesn’t have time and space delineations. The eternal is also the spiritual since it can’t be picked or sensed by our senses. However, there are interactions between the eternal and the physical.

5. Man is a Spiritual being with a Soul and a Body. As a result, Man, in himself, is the link between the eternal and the physical worlds.

6. The Eternal controls the Physical. The physical world deals with all that can be seen, felt, smelt, tasted or heard through the senses. The physical world also originated from superiorly perfect versions in the Spiritual realm. Thus, Man has two realities: An eternal one he senses with his spirit and the physical one he senses with his sense organs. Man CAN influence his two realities by his choices and actions.

From my highly simplistic approach, it’s evident that man can have the best of the two realities. Nothing in the physical happens arbitrarily without an influence from the spiritual. So many are just concerned with living here and now. Stop cheating yourself. It’s God’s will for man to have the best of the two realities, even on this side of eternity!!!

N.B: Tapping into the Spiritual reality without God’s covering is writing an invitation letter to the forces of evil. These can manipulate your perception of the spiritual reality. You have to believe in God to experience the benefits of the spiritual reality. Here on earth and also in Heaven.


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