Malo Malo Malo Malo

Insteresting title, isn’t it. Yes, I also know that it looks like some mumbo-jumbo excavated from some extinct barbarian language from a prehistoric era. But while the words are indeed from a quite obsolete language, it’s one of the neatests wordplays recorded in history.

The words are in Latin. A rough interpretation would be as follows:
‘I’d rather be an apple tree than be an evil man in adversity’.

Initially looking at the statement and its interpretation, it was devoid of meaning to me. I even felt it was some form of nmemonics developed by Latin students. However, after taking a closer look, a truth hit me. Many times in the Bible, the righteous are referred to as trees (Psalms 1 & 92 are just a few of the numerous examples). They are firmly rooted in faith in God. They have thick trunks so that they aren’t tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. They are evergreen and are always flourishing. They are fruitful, yielding fruits such as love, joy, peace, patience, self control and the works. The shade their leaves offer, as well as their fruits, are refreshing to all and sundry.

Indeed, living like this is a million times much better than the adversity an evil man brings upon himself by wicked living.

‘Malo malo malo malo’


4 thoughts on “Malo Malo Malo Malo

    1. Another one could be found in Mark 8:22-25. It tells the story of a blind man that Jesus healed. The first time Jesus laid hands on the man, he saw men as TREES. I have a feeling that Jesus wanted this man to have a taste of the supernatural way that God views man. As trees! When this was done, He laid His hands on the man again, and then he saw normally.

      1. I’ve written about that healing in my bible study. It’s also a miracle that the man understood what he was looking at after never seeing trees or people before.

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