Maybe This Is How HE Works

So, you really want to have a feel of how God works, eh?
My advice: Don’t even bother at all. Seriously.

The closest analogy I have for trying to understand how God works would be you trying to explain the beauty and complexities of the Milky Way to an ant. Yeah, and even that comparison is devoid of any form of justice to the Almighty. His Ways and Thoughts are simply not like ours. Even with the help of the Holy Spirit, we still can’t fully grasp how God works. The Holy Spirit would only tell us the deep things of God as it concerns us.

You see, God maintains balance in the World. From the physical principles that makes life on earth possible, to the spiritual laws, such as giving, tithing and positive thinking, that work for all and sundry!
And I’m just talking of life on earth!!!

However, the age-old questions that continue to caress the minds of many are:
If God knows everything, and all things are in His hands, why is there evil in the world?
Why did He allow sin and death enter the earth?
Why do all these things happen, after all, nothing in life is by chance and everything has been planned out by God?

The answer? I really don’t know.
But here is where the ‘fun’ begins.
Based on how ‘much’ you know about God, if you were in His Position, how would you have handled things?

I believe God is the Almighty that knows the end from the beginning since both are contained in Him. However, because of His great love for Mankind, God gave man a very crucial factor called CHOICE! As a result of this ‘Choice’, Man has more than one possible consequence for every action He takes. There are multiple futures for every action we take. And God knows them all. However, one of these multiple futures is known as the PERFECT WILL of God while the others are the PERMISSIVE WILLS of God. Note that ALL are God’s wills! The Holy Spirit’s job is to help believers to KNOW God’s PERFECT WILL.

Sounds complicated? Let me expantiate:

For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume that a man has two alternatives A and B. God already knows all the consequences (futures) of both alternatives. For example, God told Adam not to eat any fruit from the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden. When Man disobeyed, God sent him out of the Garden clothed in animal skin from the Lamb that had been slain from the ‘before the foundations of the world’. Sin came into the world as a result of Man’s disobedience. But God had already made provisions for that since He knew Man would CHOOSE to opt out of His PERFECT WILL!

Again, all the evil and crises in the world today are as a result of Man’s choices over the course of time. As before, let’s imagine that sometime in the past, a group of people in a region were presented with two choices C and D; the consequence of C leading to an influx of demonic powers and forces of evil into that region; while choice D would lead to blessings untold. Now, if the former was picked by these people, what would happen in that region over the course of time? Evil and reports of evil. I believe this is the case in many regions of the world today. This generation is reaping the results of choices made by previous generations. And in all these things, God is just! Yeah! Because He has given every man (regardless of religion, culture or upbringing) the innate ability to know what right is. I proved this in a previous write up on this blog titled, ‘FR33 TH^T TH¡NG: In A Defence Of God’.

Now, here’s the stupendous awesomeness of God:
At any given point in time, every individual is simultaenously making more than one choice. And each choice has multiple futures that are in turn full of other choices and their own multiple futures. Yet there are over 7 billion humans on earth making choices with multiple futures EVERY DAY. And God already knows them ALL!

How do you think you’d fare as God in just a second???

P.S: I feel this MIGHT be how God works. However, I’m not a final AUTHORITY on this issue. It’s just an opinion.

”We know in part…But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away” (I Corinthians 13 vs 9 and10)


Possess Process To Progress: Joshua’s Tale

It was now the thirty-second day.

He was lonely, tired, bored and extremely hungry. A screeching eagle had just circled round the clear cloudless sky above. Joshua adjusted his posture so as to be a bit more comfortable on the rock he was lying on. Instantly, he wished he hadn’t. A searing pain jolted through his back…

What was taking his master so long? Joshua’s emotions were now bordering on depression. He cast his mind back to the cold nights and hot afternoons of the past days on the mountain. He knew he had the psychological toughness to survive his current ordeals. Compared to slavery in Egypt, this was paradise! So, to while away time, Joshua closed his eyes again to recount how everything started thirty-two days ago…

“And Moses rose up AND HIS MINISTER JOSHUA, and Moses went up into the mount of God” (Exodus 24 vs 13)
[Exodus 32 vs 17-18 also proves that Joshua too climbed the Mount of God, though, it’s very likely that Moses climbed to a higher level than Joshua].

Life had been hard for Joshua. Yes, he became Israel’s leader. But that was after process had taken place. A lot of it! In fact, many of us today can’t live with what Joshua had to live with:

Psychological and physical turmoil of loneliness while Moses was enjoying God’s Presence on the same mountain. Not for a day or two. But forty whole days! It could have been longer had it not been that Israel rose up ‘to play’.

However, the zeal for God was there, and soon, Joshua also started basking in God’s Presence, having a relationship with Him (Exodus 33 vs 11).

When the time came to spy the Promised Land, Caleb and Joshua were the only spies that brought a positive report. But guess who got most of God’s public accolades? Caleb!
Normally, this should have bred bitterness in Joshua’s heart. But converse was the case. Instead, he served God with even more vigour, winning countless battles for the Lord, under Moses’ leadership.

Finally, it was time to pass the baton of leadership. And God picked Joshua to lead His People. Joshua eventually got due recognition for his patient travails for God. He went on to conqueur and divide the Promised Land.

Tough times don’t last.
Tough people do.
There’s every chance that the bigger your life purpose, the more preparation God allows you to go throuph. That ‘wilderness’ experience would only bring out God’s best in you. The beauty of gold is seen after it has passed through the processing fire of affliction.

Possess your process now and watch how smoothly you’d progress into the next step of fulfiling purpose!

Men’s Talk: Hombre a Hombre (Ladies, We’d Chat Later!)

On a lighter note, my parents sometimes tease me that my mates in other countries are already settled- married with kids and working…while I’m still working on myself!

Based on age and experience, I’m not the best person to counsel others on relationships. But being a guy, I could share some wonderful insights on the topic with my fellow guys. Hombre a hombre!

Before you put a ring on it ;-), consider Adam:

After Adam was created, he didn’t start scouting for Eve. No! No!! No!!! Instead, he got his purpose for living, which was:

* to dress and keep the Garden of Eden.
* to name all the animals.

Today, the case has been totally reversed. Guys without any sense of purpose or direction want to settle down and get married. It’s funny because usually, these guys have not attained emotional, financial and spiritual maturity. They can’t fend for themselves, yet they want to add the responsibilities of another. Mind you, maturity is totally independent of age. Or sideburns and a 6-pack abs!

Embrace your God-given purpose. Unless you find that thing worth dying for, you aren’t fit to live at all. Not to talk of settling down. Find your purpose and set up yourself to fulfil it, then you’d get your own Eve- flesh of your flesh and bone of your bone.

Note that Adam never asked God for a wife. Not once! God Himself knew it was time to get someone who would complement and complete Adam.

As a guy, our lives are relatively straightforward:
Find purpose in God.
And all other things would follow…

P.S: Ladies, we’d have our talk soon. I promise. 😉

Who Needs Idols? We Are Gods!

You know what I consider the most powerful statements in the Bible?

‘So God created man in His own image…’

Do you know the gravity or import of that statement?
It means that you are a product of God’s imagination.
You were created in God’s image.
As a result, you have the ability to exhibit God’s own characteristics too. Another portion of the Bible is more succinct: ‘You are gods…’

All these doesn’t mean that one day, Man would become Omniscient, Omnipresent or Omnipotent. No! Instead, it means we also have the power of creation in us.
We have that ability to call those things that are not, as though they were.
The proof is all around us. The TVs, mobile phones and computers and other inventions you now see, once existed before.
Yeah, as an image in someone’s mind!

Knowledge of this truth is what true power is all about. I’d never forget these quotes:

‘The only way you can predict the future is to create it’
‘The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible’

Nothing is closer to the truth!

How many of us have consigned our destinies to the cold hands of fate? It doesn’t have to be that way. After all, you are a god! You don’t need to have an ‘idol’ as a role model or compete in the ‘American Idol’ before you make things happen.

By faith, God spoke the heavens and the earth into existence.
What is wrong with you that you can’t do the same?
By faith, you too can create your world of possibilities by the words of your mouth.

You are a god.
Act like one!!!

Fast: A Poem

The World wants it fast:
Fast food, fast cars and a fast-paced life
‘Gentle is dumb!’, they say,
so he is forced to fast
Yet the Gentle lions are not afraid to fast
boldness with meekness, even when gracefully fast

Thank God For Dirty Dishes: A Poem

I didn’t write this poem. I found it in a book I am currently reading. I hope you’d like it:


Thank God for dirty dishes; they have a tale to tell

While other folks go hungry, we’re eating pretty well

With home, and health, and happiness,
We shouldn’t want to fuss; for by this stack of evidence, God’s very good to us.


I came across a great post here:

I just felt I should share my comment on that post right here.

This is it:

” I didn’t watch ‘Preachers of LA’. I’m also not condemning anybody, but Dietrick Haddon’s issue brought some truths to my mind. These are:

1. The gifts and calling of God are irrevokable. So, when you want to see how well a man is faring spiritually, we don’t look at the gifts. We look at the FRUITS. Jesus said that we’d all know them by their fruits.

2. God is the author and creator of Glory. The devil and the evil world system can NOT create GLORY. But they can copy it. And the counterfeit can never match the original. So, they call it GLAMOUR. The two are similar but are not quite the same. Unfortunately, the Church cannot tell the difference between the two!

Shall we continue in sin because Grace abounds? No! Because our love for God would restrain us from hurting Him. May God help our generation.

Great post ”

FR33 TH^T TH¡NG: In A Defence Of God

No. I’m not writing an argumentative essay.
I felt I should step down (albeit temporarily) from my position to prove the same point my initial position would satisfactorily prove.
Gibberish, you say. Well, not exactly.

You see, as a Child of The Light, I am to walk on the pedestral of FAITH. Yes, that beautiful act of knowing that the physical absence of something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

But now, I’m going to try to use FACTS to prove God to you!
Fasten your seat belts.

Starting from the title of this post, it’s very likely you read it as ‘FREE THAT THING…’. Apparently, I most definitely DID NOT write that!
Look at the title again.
Can you see it now?

Your mind obviously made up for my ‘errors’ because it KNEW what the right words were meant to be.
Even if they were absent from what I wrote.

This proves ONE thing:
Everyone, from the deadly atheist assassin to the most pious monk, has the idea of what ‘right’ is.

In a narrower sense based on the aforementioned, everyone also has a moral sense of right and wrong. Moreso, everyone has embedded in the seat of his or her subconscious, what the ideal ‘Perfect Person’ should be like. And how well an individual is doing is measured against the character of this ‘Perfect Person’. It’s the same for every individual, regardless of upbringing, nationality or religious affliations.

The question now is this:
Are you this ‘Perfect Person’ with the perfect character?
Definitely not! Neither am I. At least from the factual point of view.

So, why then do we almost automatically know what is right (whether morally or in the broader sense)?
Why do we subconsciously pattern or measure our character and behaviour by the standards set by our minds’ perception of this ‘Perfect Person’?
Come on, let’s reason together! Because this ‘phenomenon’ happens to everyone, be it atheist or religious. It’s not some random isolated occurence.

Could it not be that there’s actually the ideal ‘Perfect Person’ who’s better and greater than whatever we could ever achieve on our own?
Could it not be that God is actually this ‘Perfect Person’, the standard by which we measure our day to day activities?

Let me know your thoughts. 😉

Feet Crushed And Eyes Plucked Out!

We notice them all around us. It’s simply impossible to miss them. Yet we are oblivous to certain lessons that Nature is trying to get into our skulls.

The Lame can see their destination, but they are unable to get there because of the weekness in their legs and feet. On the other hand, the Blind can’t seee their destination, despite the strength in their feet and legs. The bottomline is that both parties are unable to get to their destinations!

Let’s redefine THE LAME and THE BLIND, shall we?

To me, the ‘lame’ are people who have a purposeful vision about the direction their lives are headed. They

¤ have no zeal to carry them to where they want to be.
¤ are characterized by character flaws.
¤ have the ‘head knowledge’ of the right things to do but are weak in the spirits of their minds, so they still end up doing the wrong things.
¤ know The Word but still have serious issues in their closet lives.
¤ have the ‘will’ but cannot ‘do’.

As a result, they can’t maximize potential, fulfil purpose and please God.

The ‘blind’ do not have any clearcut vision or sense of direction for their lives. They

¤ have zeal and fiery passion which is always unguided.
¤ are characterized by 99% perspiration and less than 1% inspiration.
¤ have the mental ‘toughness’ to do the right things, but the don’t know the right things, so they up doing the wrong things.
¤ misinterpret God’s Words and cling to the traditions and customs of men, more than life itself.
¤ do not have the ‘will’ but can ‘do’.

As a result, they too can’t maximize potential, fulfil purpose and please God.

Sad, eh? I know. And I’m not even done yet!

The Bible is full of types and shadows. Like, David could be said to be a type of The Christ. So, when he embarked on the conquest of the Jebusites in Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5), he was told that his mission wouldn’t be possible. Until the land had been cleared of THE LAME and THE BLIND. Interestingly, it was said David’s soul loathed the ‘lame’ and the ‘blind’ (vs 8) !!!

Now, if David was a type of The Christ, and he didn’t like the ‘lame’ and the ‘blind’, how much more Jesus Christ Himself? Why wouldn’t Christ loath those who can’t maximize potential, fulfil purpose and please God?

But I’m still not done. Because I’ve got some good news for you.

Yes. There’s a ray of hope.

It’s God’s will for man to DO all that pleases Him.

You see, when Christ restored order to the Temple in JERUSALEM the second time (Matthew 21 vs 12, Oh my gosh! Jerusalem, again? This is more than coincidence!), guess those who came to meet Him for healing?


Yeah! Not the mute, or the deaf, or the maimed. No! Just the ‘lame’ and the ‘blind’ came to meet Christ for healing. And He healed them. Why?

So as to qualify them for service in the House of God He had just cleansed! Now they could maximize their potential!
Now they could fulfil purpose!
Now they could please God by ‘willing’ and ‘doing’ His good pleasure!

What category do you find yourself today? The visionless and purposeless ones. Or the passionless and apathetic ones. Good news is that He’s still in the business of restoring vision and zeal to ALL who desire to please Him. God wants you, yes you, to walk and work with Him.

Hop in!

Don’t Lose That Peace

In the fulness of time, I’d share my testimony. In the meantime, I can emphatically tell you that JEHOVAH is The Awesome God. You know what? It’s easy to give advice to one that is going through hard times. Talk is quite cheap! But when (not ‘if’) you are to face your own ordeals alone, you are left with whatever you believe in.

Good News (Pay attention now!)

Isaiah 59 vs 19b says,
‘WHEN the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him’

Encouraging, right? But watch how I’d use a single comma to ‘re-interprete’ that verse:

‘WHEN the enemy shall come in, like a flood the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him’

Isn’t that wonderful? The Spirit of the Lord coming like a Flood against our enemy! Look, the enemy would come. There’s nothing you can do about that. Didn’t he come to Jesus too? But whosoever you fix your attention is the one that would have the pole position in your mind. Your problems might be big. But put that in perspective behind the Almighty Father, and you’d see how infinitessimally small your problems actually are. He can, and would solve them!

Don’t lose your peace, friend. The battle isn’t yours. No! The battle is The Lord’s!