We All Belong To One Race

When man was created, he was NOMINATED to be the choice of ALL creation. Alas, with our own hands, we have chosen to DENOMINATE ourselves into various divisions. Today, the talking point is about the Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants and the like. Tomorrow, it is the Negroes vs the Caucasians. The day after, we are talking about the caste system!

To be succinct, God created man to have dominion over the whole earth. Not over each other. All men were created as equals. Nobody is superior to anybody. And nobody was created to be less priviledged than anybody. However, for so many, the battleground is in the mind. So, some take their God-given dominion and place it under their equals. While some have an inflated self-image and enforce their dominion over others.

Instead, life should be seen as a race where everybody can be a winner. Everybody is eligible to run in it, irrespective of religious or social backgrounds. Life is a marathon race. Free for all, but dependent on endurance rather than speed. It is not how fast, but how well that would count in the end.

What’s the next step for you now? Lay aside every unnecessary weight that would slow you down in running the life race with endurance. You really don’t need the extra load of sin, bad habits, riotous living or traditional prejudices and unhelpful customs.

Race with purpose!
Race with intent!!
Race in God!!!


5 thoughts on “We All Belong To One Race

  1. Thank you for the kind words. Our mission in life is to race in Him with as little extra weight as possible. The knowledge of the fact that we are running in a race would actually cause us to only do that which matters and drop all other unnecessary things. May God help us all in this area.

  2. After asking the class what color their skin was (most stated “white”), he had each take out a notebook, then place their hand on the page. It became instantly obvious that there wasn’t a “white” person in the crowd. Everyone’s skin was a shade of brown! Hmm. Common color. Common Creator? (Although He is anything but “common!”).:)


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