Sowing In Tears

Life throws things that seem to buffet us all around. We find ourselves pushed to the the wall. We get frustrated. At ourselves. At people who surround us. At the circumstances. At God.

In instances like this, it seems God isn’t interested in us. So, we cry and cry. And cry some more.

Read this exerpt:

‘They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weeping, bearing precious seeds, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him’
– Psalm 126 vs 5 & 6.

Note that the secret in the joy at the end isn’t a function of the tears shared. No, joy is as a result of sowing. Yes, sowing is painful. It’d never be convinient. You’d even be tempted to eat your seed. But I say to you, when you sow, you’d definitely reap in joy!

Are you going through a hard time now? It wouldn’t last forever. In fact, it’s just an opportunity to invest in your next windfall of blessings. Don’t just cry. Sow. Sow seeds of prayer. Sow seeds of time. Sow seeds of love. Sow seeds of money. Just sow. Remember, if you sow tears, you’d reap tares. Sow something worthwhile. It’s well.


4 thoughts on “Sowing In Tears

  1. When I look into the mirror and realize everything I think, feel and do, starts with me…maybe then I’ll do something different, instead of blaming you. Peace comes through forgiveness, and it all starts in my heart.

  2. Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure I fully understand your first statement. However, I agree with you that sowing should be a personal effort. My parents won’t sow for me. My neighbour and friends won’t sow for me. I would do it myself. Only then would I reap the benefits!

  3. Looking into the mirror, refers to putting the spot light on me. Realizing that whatever negative feelings I’m harboring, they come from me, instead of blaming you. That I alone am responsible for the choices I make, including how I respond in every situation. And it is through this acknowledgment… I’ll make better ones. * smiles*
    Hope this brings a bit of clarity to the words. Be well.

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