It Would Pass: A Poem

I look up suddenly and I shudder at the sight.

This is what I want to see:
I want to see the clear blue sky,
interspersed with the occassional fluffy white bodies of cloud,
floating weightlessly in the firmament of the heavens,
shielding my dark skin from the hot sun-rays

But I don’t see that!
I see a very black cloud of smoke in the skies
My mind decides an explosion has occurred mid-air

I fret and worry,
I’m anxious about everything but nothing

Then the miraculous happens without my permission:
A heavenly zephyr blows
the dark cloud of smoke
out of my sight

Hey! Isn’t this supposed to be a dark, scary cloud?
But, alas, it’s no dark cloud at all
Only a hot-air balloon painted black!

I really don’t care whatever it is,
My business is that it is
now gone for good

I see the clear blue skies again,
And the peace, which passes all my understanding
reigns supreme in my heart and mind.


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