Mal a propos: On The LOL Side Of Malaproposms.

He picked up a knife. And continually stabbed the poor lady directly through the heart. She screamed and cried. She begged and pleaded for mercy. Yet, the young man was never going to let up. He kept on stabbing and stabbing, till Lady English gave up the ghost.

I’m not using this to spite anyone, but some people (especially in this part of the world) are really reckless with their use of English. They send poisonous darts and fiery arrows directly to their innocent audiences. But what ‘impresses’ me the most is the ability of these people to carry on with the speech at hand. And they usually go on with this in a gallant fashion, not giving a thought about their reputations or the ears of their listeners.

As I’ve said before, I’m not using this to spite anyone. I just wanted you to see something from another perspective. Things happen in the world out there. A lot of bad reports, as well as sad news here and there. But to the general mind, if you are hell-bent on getting happiness from the happenings around, all you have to do is to look carefully around you. Definitely, there is always at least one thing that would put a smile on your face. Yeah, even if they are Malapropisms.

By the way, we, the Children of The Light, exhibit Joy, which is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit that springs up from within our bellies.

Cheer up, already!


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