FR33 TH^T TH¡NG: In A Defence Of God

No. I’m not writing an argumentative essay.
I felt I should step down (albeit temporarily) from my position to prove the same point my initial position would satisfactorily prove.
Gibberish, you say. Well, not exactly.

You see, as a Child of The Light, I am to walk on the pedestral of FAITH. Yes, that beautiful act of knowing that the physical absence of something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

But now, I’m going to try to use FACTS to prove God to you!
Fasten your seat belts.

Starting from the title of this post, it’s very likely you read it as ‘FREE THAT THING…’. Apparently, I most definitely DID NOT write that!
Look at the title again.
Can you see it now?

Your mind obviously made up for my ‘errors’ because it KNEW what the right words were meant to be.
Even if they were absent from what I wrote.

This proves ONE thing:
Everyone, from the deadly atheist assassin to the most pious monk, has the idea of what ‘right’ is.

In a narrower sense based on the aforementioned, everyone also has a moral sense of right and wrong. Moreso, everyone has embedded in the seat of his or her subconscious, what the ideal ‘Perfect Person’ should be like. And how well an individual is doing is measured against the character of this ‘Perfect Person’. It’s the same for every individual, regardless of upbringing, nationality or religious affliations.

The question now is this:
Are you this ‘Perfect Person’ with the perfect character?
Definitely not! Neither am I. At least from the factual point of view.

So, why then do we almost automatically know what is right (whether morally or in the broader sense)?
Why do we subconsciously pattern or measure our character and behaviour by the standards set by our minds’ perception of this ‘Perfect Person’?
Come on, let’s reason together! Because this ‘phenomenon’ happens to everyone, be it atheist or religious. It’s not some random isolated occurence.

Could it not be that there’s actually the ideal ‘Perfect Person’ who’s better and greater than whatever we could ever achieve on our own?
Could it not be that God is actually this ‘Perfect Person’, the standard by which we measure our day to day activities?

Let me know your thoughts. 😉


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