Life 101: Finding Your Purpose

There’s nobody alive today that is without a reason for existence. Yet, the percentage of people that identify that purpose for their existence is astonishingly infinitessimal. And those that go on to fulfil that purpose are even smaller!

As believers, our general purpose is to please God with our lives. But again, there’s a specific purpose for each individual. And without finding that purpose, one would just be a bundle of untapped potential.

Well, I’ve got some good news for you. You CAN find your purpose for living. NOW!

Yes, there are long questionnaires that could help you with that. But you don’t have to go through all that ‘STRESS’.

Below are 3 tips that can help you locate your purpose, so you can be set on the right path for fulfilment:

1. Look Upwards:

Looking for your purpose? Why not ask your maker, after all, He is the one that created you. As I’ve mentioned before, God is not the author of random and haphazard confusion. He created you for a purpose. Ask Him for that purpose!

2. Look Inwards:

You are unique and specially wired and shaped with specific qualities that make you what you are. Others might be similar to you, but none is the same with you.
You have certain talents and spiritual qualities that make you stand out.
You have a heart for something that no one else gives a thought about.
You have certain abilities and capabilities that others do not possess.
You have a personality that is unique to you.
You have had some experiences that have moulded you into who you are today.
A combination of these qualities I have mentioned to you could be a pointer to where your purpose lies.

3. Look Outwards:

Around you, there are certain issues and challenges that your peculiarities would address satisfactorily. Settle down and carefully be on the look out for what these challenges and issues are. Who knows, you might be on the road to identifying purpose!

What I’ve highlighted might look like fast tips to finding your purpose. But in the real sense, they are anything but that! These steps would take considerable time and must be taken carefully and prayerfully. I wish you God’s best as you step out to please Him by finding and fulfilling your purpose.


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