F***? Not A Chance!

You’re probably wondering whether I just implied the forbidden ‘f-Word’, right?

I sure did. But it all bores down to perspective

But before you unsheath your swords to skin me alive, here’s a reality check for you:
There are probably thousands of words that qualify to be the so-called f-Word. And there are hundreds of 4-letter words that would seamlessly fit into ‘f***’.

If you still have any doubts, you can consult your dictionaries! 😉

Without further ado, my ‘f-Word’ today is…

F A K E !

Seriously, that should be a taboo word amongst the Children of The Light. Especially in our actions!

If only your eyes would be open to see your capabilities for what they really are.
If only you’d enjoy the thrills of your journey towards purpose.
If only you’d stop focusing on what God hasn’t done (or wouldn’t do) for you but has done for your neighbour.
If only you’d stop blending in and pretending to be what you aren’t.
If only you’d realize what a rare specimen you really are and your uniqueness is no mistake.
If only. If only.. If only…

It would be a shame to waste your years being someone other than yourself. You can admire the strengths of others but that shouldn’t be an excuse to copy them, shortcomings and all.

Make up your mind to stand out.
Decide not to be a regular guy off the ‘mass production’ line.
God created you to be much more than a complement to another’s purpose and needs.

God needs you to be you. The World needs you to be you.

Be your God-given self and adopt ‘FAKE’ as your taboo ‘f-Word’, especially in your actions.



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