A Heart Condition

Picture this:

You are in a doctor’s office, waiting anxiously for the results of the invasive tests you just did. The doctor soon comes in with his professional poker face. He sits. And looks at you squarely.

‘You have a heart condition, sir’

Well, the fact is that you actually DO have a heart condition. And so do I.

Fortunately, by ‘heart’, I don’t mean that fleshy, four-chambered, fist-shaped organ in our chests that pumps blood through our bodies.

No. I mean that inner you where the very fibres of your emotions are knitted.

If it were possible to check your heart condition, what would be found?
Anger, Bitterness, Strife, Envy, Lust and Jealousy?
Or Love, Joy, Peace and Gentleness?

No one needs to tell you which is the better option.

To crown it all, the best Heart condition one could have is a Heart of Worship. And I don’t mean those slow songs that we listen to on Sundays. Those are fine, but it goes more than that. A Heart of worship is a lifestyle!

When you look at the magnificence of nature and you wholehearted bless God. That’s worship!

When you bless God for the very breath you take in every moment. That’s worship!

When you remember to let your heart sing uninhibitedly to the King of kings, not only for the large milestones in your life, but also of the daily benefits. That’s worship!

Cultivate the best heart condition today.
A heart of worship!!!


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