Number Of The Day: 100 (Dedicated To Thanksgiving Day)

As you’ve probably noticed, I briefly discontinued my Bible Story series.

My initial plan was to celebrate my 100th post on this blog a little bit more subtily. However, this was not meant to be.

You see, just a couple of hours ago, I used to be part of a select group of special humans who thought that Thanksgiving Day was the Fourth of July!

(Disappointing! Yeah, I know 😦 )

Well, as soon as I settled that ‘minor’ issue of dates, a significant verse popped into my head:

The Message Bible translation of Psalm 100:4a which reads,

“Enter with the password: Thank You”

One shouldn’t wait till Valentine’s day before love is shown to everyone around him. Only hypocrites do that. Love is to be shown everyday.

One shouldn’t wait till Christmas or Easter, before Christ’s redemptive work for mankind is remembered. Only the heathen do that.
We should walk in the awareness of Christ salvation of our souls everyday.

In the same vein, we shouldn’t wait till Thanksgiving Day, before we appreciate God for all He has wrought in our lives.
As the Message Bible rightly points out, thanking God on a continual basis is the only way to get even more goodies from His inexhaustible blessings!

Thank Him.
Bless His Name.
Give Him praise.
And worship Him.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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