Ho-Ho-Ho…I’m Back…Maybe Not Yet!

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I want to use this opportunity to give my warmest compliments to all my readers. Wishing you a Merry Christmas (in arrears) and a prosperous New Year in advance.


I’d like to sincerely apologize to my readers for keeping away for so long. I guess I’m supposed to be able to update more often after I shake off the Christmas Bug (or the Writer’s Block :-() that got me.

UNFORTUNATELY…that would not be!

As much as I HATE it, you’re ACTUALLY going to be seeing considerably LESS of me this coming year.

Yea. ;-(

2014, especially the FIRST TRIMESTER, is going to be a very IMPORTANT and CRUCIAL period that COULD potentially determine a lot in my LIFE. During this period, I’d be writing the final exams for my Degree.
As a result, I would be NEEDING a lot of my TIME and CONCENTRATION (and your PRAYERS) so as to attain my DESIRED GOAL!

DEAR READERS, do not be DISMAYED. This is not going to be a TOTAL ABSENCE from the world of blogging. I would still come around once in a while to share my THOUGHTS. It’s just NOT going to be as frequent as it was before.

Thanks for your UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORT.

God Bless


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