A Quickie: The Truth About Lies

Whatever the reason that prompted it, a lie would always be a lie. There are no black lies. Neither are there white lies. Anything you say with the intent of misleading or deceiving is a lie….

And here’s where Human nature completely baffles me:

We all lie!

Right from the point little children reach the age of knowledge, they have the ‘potential’ to lie.
No one teaches them about it!
And they themselves know that it’s bad!

So, I want to ask:

“Suppose 4 minutes were to be deducted from your life for every lie you tell, how many minutes (or days or months…..or EVEN YEARS :-O ) would you have subtracted from your God-given lifespan?”

Oh…and by the way, while you are still busy calculating, the truth is that LYING ACTUALLY SHORTENS ONE’S LIFESPAN!!!


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