Lyrics – I Gave It Up by J Moss

I really couldn’t resist the urge to put the lyrics of one of my faves. Hope you’d enjoy it too!

As We Sing

Can’t you see I’m striving for his favor and his purpose

My temple is his resting place while I give him my service

Verse 1

 God is working on me

Opened my eyes now I see

Reconstructing my body

Now the urge I had is deceased

 My haters came and then faded

God sewed up my head

Filled his Word in heart

Smoothed out all of my scars

 I’m persuaded

I’ll let nothing

separate me

from his lovin

Life or death

Height nor depth

Will not sway me

Away from him


I gave it up

I gave it up

Ain’t goin back there no more (4x)

 Verse 2

Some of you lookin at me

Cause you can’t believe what you see

He can do the same for you

But may have to fall on your knees

Some of your friends can go

Gotta learn how to just say…

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