The Believers’ Authority

Despite the fact that I am not a very muscular guy, I appreciate individuals who have taken the time and pains to develop their muscles into appropriate and aesthetic proportions. For this reason, I enjoy watching programs that feature these feature these endowed guys. Occasionally on these shows, a muscular man may decide to show off his powers. So, he ties a very strong rope about himself and attaches it to a multi-ton caterpillar. He huffs and puffs and eventually, the caterpillar starts to crawl by virtue of the enormous strength of the muscle man. It is usually an impressive sight.

Now, I don’t know what happens where you stay, but in my country Nigeria, traffic is regulated by traffic lights, as well as, traffic wardens. What impresses me most is what happens after an individual has been commissioned to wear the recognized orange shirts and black trousers of the traffic wardens. Such an individual could control hundreds of multi-ton trucks simultaneously. He does not huff and puff. All he has to do is to wave an arm or hold a hand, when he wants the truck(s) to move or stop.

Believe you me, a muscled man standing at the traffic warden’s post, with his pumped muscles bulging out in the eyes of the whole world, without the recognized uniform, is…well, just another guy.

Why would one well-muscled guy use all his strength to pull a heavy-duty vehicle while the other uniformed man only waves his hands and numerous similar vehicles move at once?

The answer is really simple and straightforward; the uniformed man has the power of the law backing him! Everything he does is done in the name of the law.

This scenario reminds me of a verse,

   “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. (Matt 28:18 KJV)

 Jesus said ALL power.

 Not most, neither some or many.

 He said ALL power had been given to Him.

 If you are not yet excited by this verse, perhaps the next verse I’m about to share with you would shake things up a bit and make you see what you have been missing as a believer,

 “For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. (Gal 3:27 KJV)


 Now, in case you have not done the maths, let me help you out:

 If all power had been given to Jesus Christ that would mean that there is no power anywhere else

 If you have been baptized into Christ that would mean that you have put on Christ

 And if you have put on Christ that would mean that you are a walking DYNAMO!!!

I think this is the point where the analogy of the traffic warden really drives my point home. Any regular man can control traffic in the name of the laws of the land, once he puts on the recognized uniform.

In the same vein, any man can walk in dominion over diseases, sicknesses, poverty, failure, disappointments, depressions, defeats and the works in the Name of Jesus, once he puts on the recognized uniform – Jesus Christ.

So, what would it be?

Do you want to continue in your struggles with your finances and health, while you are huffing and puffing like the muscle man in my analogy? After a lot of effort, you might succeed in pulling one multi-ton truck…with two hundred more waiting for you.


Do you want to walk in the power and authority of the Name of Jesus, effortlessly riding over your concerns and fears?

The choice is yours, but I advise you, choose Christ.


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