Receive From God: Here’s How (Part One)

It seems like many of us would be willing to do ANYTHING to be able to receive from God on a consistent basis. Whether it is guidance you need for that life-defining decision you’re planning to make or it’s provision you desire for that pressing need in your family, I’ve got good news for you….

God is ALWAYS more than eager to meet you at the point of your need. But the question remains this: Are you able to receive?

As time goes on, I’d be sharing some of the principles (or keys, if you like) that would place you in a position where you can easily receive from ANYTHING from God.

So, let’s start.

The very first key that would place you in a position where you can receive from God is this:

Be assured in your mind that God LOVES you!

That’s simple. Yet, it’s very, very profound.

The truth is that you will never be able to make any demands from your Heavenly Father if you are not secure and assured in His Love!

If you keep seeing the Father as One Who is always watching out for your shortcomings, flaws and faults, you’d never be able to approach His Throne of mercy to obtain grace and mercy.

Is that God’s fault?

Of course not!

It’s my belief that generations of exposure to dead, routine religion has totally blinded us to the fact that God delights in us and desires to have a Father-to-child relationship with us.

Listen, if you can just grasp this point now, you’re already receiving from God!

Consider the message that Lazarus’ sisters sent to Jesus in John 11:3,

“…Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick”

As innocent as that statement may sound, it contains the totality of all I’d be saying in this post.

Note that the message to Jesus was not…

“…Lord, behold, if You had loved him, he would not have been sick”

You know why?


Lazarus’ sisters were fullly assured in the deepest core of their being that Jesus loved them!

Did you get the gist?

They were already secure in the Love of Jesus, and that was the reason they were in the perfect position to receive from Jesus.

Note again that Mary and Martha did not tell Jesus…

“…Lord, behold, he who loves you is sick”

They did not put any effort to try and impress Jesus about the warm heart that Lazarus had towards the gospel and the kingdom of God.

Sounds blunt, eh?

But it’s true.

Personally, I think all Christians could learn from this.

We now live in an age where the focus is on what we can ‘do’ for the Lord. We go about impressing people with our zeal and zest for the things of God. We put up such a good performance and pat ourselves on the back on how we are showing our love for God. We even try to hold God to ransom, telling Him things like,

“God, you know I’ve done many things for your Name and Kingdom, so, You have to move in my life NOW”

Please note that I’m not against a display of energy and passion for
the things of God! God forbid.

I just want you to pay attention to your motivation for doing these things. As far as some people are concerned, their public display is a mere selfish bid to earn points with God.

Mary and Martha’s message to Jesus did not contain any of that!

They were totally focused on the love they knew Jesus had for them!

That love did not have anything to do with Lazarus’ presence or absence of requited Love.

That love did not have anything to do with whether or not Mary had put a good religious performance or not.

That love had nothing to do with Mary’s, Martha’s or Lazarus’ input towards Christ’s ministry.

That love was God-initiated and God-inspired!

Little wonder Romans 5:8 says,

“But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”

What manner of human love can ever attempt to trump that?

My advice? Don’t even try to trump it. Just follow Mary and Martha’s example and secure yourself in God’s love for you.

Rest in God’s love for you! Don’t even attempt to deserve or earn it, because you can’t!

The thing is that until you get to the point in your heart that you are convinced that the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth is interested in you, you’d continually find it hard to receive from Him.

Rest and enjoy His Love and see yourself finding it extremely easier to receive all you need from the Father!

That’s not all. Watch out for Part Two of this series.

Grace and Peace.