Wanna Receive From God? Here’s How. (Part 2)

In the last post, I wrote about how love was one of the key ways you can receive from God.

Before I go on to the next point, I need to emphasize on the fact that these keys I’m writing are not to be taken as a ‘3 steps to reach God fast’ or ‘7 ways to make God do as you say’!

Religion preaches laws and rules; God desires relationship. Yet, we are always eager to ‘do’ something to merit receiving from God.

The Father says,
“I want to enjoy you”

We respond,
“I know, so what must I do?”

The thing is, Are there 3 steps you have to take to talk to your earthly dad? Of course not!

What there is, however, is a mindset and disposition that you need to have before you meet him, right?

That’s simply my goal with this post.

The truth is that all 3 keys I’d be sharing are all intertwined within each other. For any one you decide to pick, the other two keys automatically join up by default.

So, without wasting time, let’s move to the second key to receiving from God:

See God’s Word as your utmost reality!

That sounds so simple. Yet, so many of miss it.

In John 11:4, look at what Jesus said regarding Lazarus’ sickness,

“This sickness is not unto death…”

Well, if you’re familiar with the story, you’d find out that Lazarus ACTUALLY died!

So, does that make Jesus a liar?


The thing is that the Word of God is the REAL reality!

See, Jesus had said that Lazarus’ sickness would not lead to death. And that was an unchangeable truth.

Even after Lazarus had physically died, as far as Jesus was concerned, the man was not dead.

Even when Lazarus had been wrapped and placed in the tomb, as far as Jesus was concerned, the man was not dead.

Even when Lazarus was in the tomb for 4 days and 4 nights and had started decaying, as far as Jesus was concerned, Lazarus was not dead!

Here’s why:

Hebrews 1:3 says,

“…and upholding all things by the Word of His Power”

This implies that God holds up the whole created universe by His Word. Meaning that EVERYTHING – man, animals, planets, sun, moon, stars, galaxies – is sustained by the integrity and veracity of God’s Word.

Wow! That’s profound. I really hope you get this.

The whole creation was implemented by the veracity and truthfulness of God’s Word. The reason creation could successfully occur in the first place is because God’s Words are TRUE!

Get this:

The day God lies, all His Creation would self-destruct!

That’s why God cannot lie! (Titus 1:3)

That’s why God does not joke with His Word.

If He has spoken it, it is already a reality!

So, when Jesus said, ‘This sickness is not unto death….’, sincerely speaking, it was not unto death!

Despite the fact that the prevalent circumstances were looking contrary to what Jesus had said, it still was not the real Reality.

Jesus’ Words were!

The truth remains that until you get to the place where you can see God’s Word as your ultimate reality, you’d find it hard to receive from God!


Unless you start seeing God’s Word as your ultimate reality, you’d remain stuck in your current predicament.

Unless you start seeing God’s Word as your reality, you’d be tossed and swayed to and fro by anything that the devil and your circumstances throw at you!

Now, am I saying that you should live in denial because you want to see God’s Word as reality?

No! Of course not!

Denial is a refusing to acknowledge that the devil or your current circumstances exist.

Denial is living a lie.

Denial is a carnal and philosophical fantasy. It’s not scriptural, because the devil does exist, and we live in a corrupted world, where circumstances and challenges would arise.

On the other hand, seeing God’s Word as your reality means that you choose to focus on the scheme of things FROM GOD’S VIEWPOINT.

That’s very important!

You’re not denying the fact that there are needs to be met, or problems and circumstances to tackle. However, because you are seeing the reality from God’s viewpoint, you can also see the superabundance of provisions available to cater for all your needs.

Consider Genesis 39:2,

“And the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man…”

Now if you read the text, you’d find out that Joseph had just been sold to Potiphar by the Ishmaelites.

He had no mother.

No father to rescue him.

Jealous brothers who hated him.

He was probably without any clothes, because slaves were sold naked back then.

Yet, God’s word concerning Joseph was that he was a prosperous man.

Joseph saw himself from God’s viewpoint, regardless of his current challenges or the ones that lay ahead of him.

Joseph was secure in the reality of God’s Word for him…and he ended up becoming the Egyptian Prime Minister.

So, are you in a dire need for change, freedom, relief, provision?


Then you really need to stop magnifying your current circumstances or the devil!

Instead, get into God’s Word to see reality from God’s viewpoint.

It’s that simple!


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