Wanna Receive From God? Here’s How (Part 3)

Do you remember the story involving Jesus and Lazarus’ sisters in John 11?

In the previous installments of this particular topic, I remember sharing with you how having an understanding of God’s love for you, and taking God’s Word as your ultimate reality could go a long way in positioning you for receiving from God.

Let’s revisit the story to see what more we can glean from it.

John 11:6 says,

‘…He abode two days still in the same place where He was’

That may look like an ordinary verse…but it contains the very heart of what I’m trying to communicate to you.

When you consider the fact that the original Greek manuscript, in which the New Testament was first written in, had no commas…look at what one comma would do to that verse….

So, instead of having: He abode two days still in the same place He was….

We now have: He abode two days STILL, in the same place He was….

That verse is telling us more than the mere fact that Jesus continued to stay in the same place He was for two days.

No, what that verse is saying is that Jesus stayed STILL for two days.

STILL…as in, calm in His Mind!

Hmmn…I see a lot of folks rolling their eyes!

You see, while He was on earth, Jesus was 100% Divine and 100% Human.

He was in every sense like us.

He slept, cried, got tired, got hungry, got thirsty, and so on!

Because of this, it’s my belief that Jesus must have felt strong emotions for the sick Lazarus and his sisters. Furthermore, I believe He must have been very eager to go down to Bethany and get Lazarus healed.

I think that’s the whole significance of John 11:5 which tell us that Jesus deeply loved Martha and her siblings.

However, if Jesus had made a move to get to Bethany instantly, it would have been a merely impulsive emotional response, rather than the leading of the Spirit!

Does this mean that emotions are evil?

No. They aren’t.

In fact, like your imagination, your emotions can be a tool that could glorify God…when used appropriately.

Jesus Himself was often moved with compassion before He ministered healing, provision and deliverance (Matthew 9:36, Mark 5:19, Luke 7:13 are a few examples).

The problem is just that when your emotions become your life’s driving force, you are at risk of totally missing out on God!

That, my friend, is not good enough.

I believe Jesus had to stay two days in the same place, so that He’d be solely led by the Spirit.

Another thing I should add here is that the fact that Jesus stayed still (calm) in the same place did not mean that He disconnected Himself from all that was going on around Him. It doesn’t mean that Jesus became a monk or hermit.

Rather, it simply means that Jesus didn’t allow His emotions drive Him around. I believe He chose to be Spirit-led and Spirit-conscious, even as He was interacting with His disciples and associates for two whole days.

You might be wondering how all these applies to you.

It’s simple: Don’t be dominated by your emotions!

God has empowered you to be in charge of your emotions.

You have to bring your emotions under your control.

Before you met Christ, your emotions reigned over your entire conduct.

But once you gave your life to Christ, you became a new creation! The old has passed away, and now you can rein your emotions by the power that’s at work within you.

Isaiah 26:3 says, ‘You will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee’.

When your mind (will, emotions and intellect) is totally established on God and subject to the Spirit, you will find it easier to let the perfect peace of God position you to receive from Him.

It’s that simple.


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