What Happens When God Chastises You (Part 2)

In sequel to the analogy of the bruised disobedient child that I shared in the previous post, I still have a few more points to bring to your attention.

You know, while the parent is wiping his child’s bruises with disinfectant-soaked cotton wool, the child may feel that the parent is punishing him for his disobedience, right?

However, in actual sense, the parent is actually trying to prevent the child’s wound from being infected because of the love the parent has for the child!

What if the child had been obedient, would he have experienced the pain of the disinfectant on his bruised skin?


Conversely, is the parent applying the disinfectant to teach the child sense?


This analogy would help us to better understand what happens when God chastises us. The truth is that, when it comes to chastising His Children, there would be no need for chastening if you don’t step out of God’s Will in the first place!

In our walk with God, we will experience certain pains that we perceive are caused by our disobedience to Him. However, I also believe that God is able to use any situation we find ourselves for our good.

Remember Romans 8:28?

“All things walk together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose”

Now, was it God that placed us in the unpalatable situations we find ourselves, especially when we are walking in disobedience?


But can He use the situation to our advantage?

YES, Absolutely!

A friend shared the story of a pastor who lost touch with God and got caught in the web of religion. The pastor eventually broke down physically due to his gruelsome schedule. On his sickbed, the pastor realized that he needed to get it right with the Father once more, and he was restored.

Great story.

Surprisingly, many people would try to explain that the pastor’s sickness was inflicted by God. Perhaps, God was chastising the man for neglecting Him!


Of course not!

The sickness came because the man wasn’t operating under God’s Grace. The man became exposed to the devil’s attacks because his schedule was choking him up!

God is everywhere, but His Presence isn’t manifested everywhere. Whenever you step out of where God has vetted with His Presence per time, you leave the covering of His Grace and you’re exposed to the fiery darts of the enemy!

However, God remains faithful, in spite of our faithlessness and unfaithfulness. God was able to use that sickness to the man’s advantage. The eyes of man’s understanding was opened to the fact that his walk with The Father was more important than his work for The Father.

Until you receive a revelation that God has poured all his wrath on Jesus on the cross, you’d keep on living with the expectancy of evil in your life;

Until you receive the revelation that the Father doesn’t use sickness and lack to chastise his children, you’d continue to put yourself in a position where you’d be open to the devil’s attacks.

If you believe that God uses sickness and poverty and calamity to chastise you, you won’t resist them and cast them out in Jesus’ Name. Instead, you’d just sit back and take every rubbish that the devil throws at your path – all in the name of receiving God’s chastisement!

God doesn’t use sickness, poverty and death to chastise His Children – you need to understand that!



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