The Art Of Observation: What Seest Thou?

From my little understanding, whenever God asks a man the ubiquitious question – What Seest Thou? – it’s because the object of interest is already in existence within such man’s frame of vision! From Jeremiah to Ezekiel; to Hosea, Amos and Zechariah, all these men were asked the same simple question: What seest thou?

This brings us to a curious discovery, which many individuals amazingly still miss. It goes like this:

Observation is a conscious and deliberate action that is solely dependent on the mind of the observer.

It’s that simple and quite basic too.

The truth is that there’s a dearth in the number of genuine observers in our generation today. There are gaps in all sectors of the world’s economy that need to be filled by men and women who have mastery in the art of observation. Sadly, that rarely seems to be the case, as observation is a lost art washed down into the cesspool of the past.

What’s the problem? Well, for one, this current generation is full of people not willing to embrace responsibility for observation!

Why? Observation requires focus and deliberate conscious efforts for it to be successfully done. And frankly speaking, we live in a world where personal responsibility is just too much work for the average Joe!

We live in a generation where the majority are just too mentally lazy to summon the efforts it takes to do the most basic of all actions – to see and observe.

We live in a generation that finds it easier to do a lot of blame-pushing and finger-pointing, rather than taking personal responsibility for their lives!

The truth remains that the quality of life you’re currently experiencing is dependent on how far you saw (consciously or unconsciously) in the past. And the quality of your life in the future, would be determined by the quality of your vision now!

You see, until you decide to take responsibility for your life, and personally choose to deliberately master the art of observation, you’d live at mediocre levels for the rest of your life!

The good news is that the moment you decide to start practising the art of observation consciously, you’d start seeing in a way that very few in this generation would ever see! And the reason this would happen won’t be because what you observed suddenly materialized. No, it would be because you had embraced the state of mind that empowered you to discern and pick what was ALREADY around you!

So, I ask again, ‘What Seest Thou?’


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