Isn’t there something eerily spooky about ‘Factor VI’? Something strange, something mythical, something mystical, something enigmatic, something clandesteine, something mysterious, something……okay, I’ve run out of adjectives, but I’m sure you now get my point, don’t you?

I’m pleased to inform you that ‘Factor VI’ is actually something but not qualified by any of the aforementioned adjectives I used. Well, at least not in the physiological sense. In Physiology, ‘Factor VI’ is hypothetically something, but it’s nonexistent.

Now, for those of you who are not physiologically inclined, there are certain substances (or factors) present in our blood. In the event of injury or trauma to the blood vessels, these factors cause blood to clot, in order to prevent excess blood loss from the body. These factors, though possessing proper names like Hageman, Stuart-Power, and even Christmas, are named in Roman Numerals from I to XIII. Now, here’s the catch (please, roll the drums): THERE IS NO FACTOR VI!

Yes, there’s no ‘factor VI’, at least not until NOW that the University of Ibadan Physiology Students’ Association (UIPSA) Press Organization decided to create it and bring it forth. But this time, ‘factor VI’ would not be in the form of a blood clotting factor. No, it would be coming out in the form of the maiden edition of the sessional MAGAZINE publication of the Press Organization.

So, do you want to be a partner with us, as we embark on this HISTORIC creation of something totally unheard of before? Do you have a company or brand name that you want to advertize? Then, ‘Factor VI’ is your best bet.

For advertisement, sponsorship and partnership details, call the following numbers:
Editor in Chief, UIPSA Press 08169001423
Deputy Editor in Chief 07069124875
Managing Editor 07032983539
General Editor 07033493494