His Story

Crushed, the heart bleeds out,
every single drop counts the time
as it passively walks away.
It was not always meant to be this way,
The blueprint- potential and purpose as fulfiled bedfellows.
But surprises, however unwelcome, a’times
can be the spice of life.
The wind of change blows with the fervour of a boxer and
the proud peahen’s underparts are exposed.
Laughs are shared but not without the feeling of raw shock
Told and retold, the stories live on
even in the city’s very bellies.

But then the switch is flipped on
and there’s light!
Things fall apart, yes they fall,
as the old must make way for the new.
Things also fall in place, in place
of the chaos that ‘inertially’ reigned supreme.
It soon makes sense as the jigsaw puzzle is complete.
It all makes sense- the crises, the cross must come before the crown.
The bones heal and the warts disappear
The face becomes radiant once more, as the pairs of yesteryears vanish.
All gone- drained away in the cesspool of distant memories.
Fulfilment and Joy acknowledge no such bounds.