Once upon a time…

There was a girl whose name was Mirabel. Mirabel was one of the most beautiful girls you’d ever lay your eyes on. She had very long, straight, shiny, black hair. You could even see your reflection in it. She had the most captivating and piercing grey eyes you could see on anyone. Here eyes appeared to see through one’s body and soul. As amazing as those grey eyes were, Mirabel was blind! For all the beauty of those eyes, they had never seen the stars or oceans or trees. She lived in darkness. Mirabel had been living in darkness all her life. It was ALMOST all she knew…

But in the midst of it all, there was a glimmer of sushine for her.

His name was Harry.

Harry was the best thing that had ever happened to Mirabel. He loved her so much and could do anything for her. He wanted to marry Mirabel and spend the rest of his life with her. So, he manned up and asked her to marry him.

But Mirabel was relunctant because of her condition. She said to him,
‘Harry…Oh Harry…if only I could see you, if only I could see the world, I’d marry you’

The next day, Mirabel found that a pair of perfectly healthy eyes had been donated to her. She was so happy. Immediately, she called Harry to tell him of the news. Harry was ecstatic. He was happy that Mirabel’s dream had come true, and as a result, his was also in line for fulfilment.

Mirabel underwent surgery. And it was successful. The doctors told her that she’d see after a few weeks of recovery after which the bandage would come off.

The day soon came for her to take the bandages off. As the bandages were peeled off, the first thing Mirabel saw was this angelic face. Nobody had to tell her it was Harry. This was her sunshine in her darkness. The bandages were soon fully off and she saw him. He was magnificient, but….

Well, Harry got down on a knee and asked for Mirabel’s hand. In Marriage.

To his surprise, she said ‘NO!’. You see, Harry was magnificient, but he was blind too! Mirabel didn’t want to marry a blind person. And she said this to Harry’s face.

Harry was devastated. He was heartbroken. Words cannot describe his pain and mental anguish. So, he got up from his knee and turned to find his way out.

But before leaving, without turning his back, Harry said to Mirabel,
‘Take care of MY EYES for me…’

And then, he left.

** THE END **

P.S: Though this is fiction, I was deeply moved, especially when I remember the extent Jesus Christ went for us to redeem us from our sins. Good write-up Theresa. More Grace to you


**THE PLATINUM GIFT FEATURED ARTICLE: ‘Our Days Are Unique Gifts’ – By Natalie Scarberry**

‘May you arise each day with a
voice of blessing whispering in your heart
May you find harmony between
your soul and your life
May the mansion of your soul
never become a haunted place
May you know the eternal
longing that lies at the heart of time
May there be kindness in your
gate when you look within’
~ Edited compilation of Blessings by John O’ Donohue.

Our days are unique gifts, new creations of God’s ageless story, and in them is the perennial promise of resurrection. Of the 24 hours in each day, a garden in the early morning is one of the most magical places. While birds call to one another, and bees busily work, ‘fairies’ bless the flowers and sprinkle them with dew. As a result, plants glisten in the first dappled rays of light, while sweet aromas rise from the soil not yet blistered by the sun.

A new day is a blank slate that waits for the mark of each and every one of us. Upon the slate, we have the opportunity to record acts of kindness, deeds of grace, words of truth, utterances of beauty, and thoughts of joy. In order to make the slate worthy of the gift and the Giver, we must keep our eyes wide open so we don’t miss the beauty, the joy and the wonder in our Father’s world. We must be fully awake and aware of the world and the people around us. They are there for a reason. We must remember it is a priviledge to perform daily prayers and an honour to do what should be done in accomplishing God’s will. Finally, we must ”sing, sing, sing and make music with the Heavens” for it is right to come into His courts with singing and words of praise on our lips.

Listen, O Heavens, and I will speak; hear, O Earth, the words of my mouth. Let my teachings fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants. I will proclaim the name of the LORD. Oh, praise the greatness of our God!

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