‘The greatest obstacle to growth is not ignorance, but an illusion of knowledge’

Glancing over my shoulders to take a peek at my past just to gauge how far I’ve come, I have realised that a lot of change has taken place in my worldview and perspective of things.

For example, I used to write the following about myself:

‘Platinum Don McCoy
The real McCoy
The Pacesetter
Of all Trailblazers
I really rule,
The others drool
‘Cause I’m like PLATINUM’

It’s not like there’s something wrong with the ‘poem’ above but it’s somewhat cocky and maybe childish. The main idea of my worldview was there but maybe it was a bit too crude.

Now, you are on my site and a lot of metamorphoses has occurred. You are not going to see posts written on impulse. No, you are going to meet ME in another brand new light. You are going to meet my thoughts on a wide array of topics, from politics to school life, to motivational posts, to spirituals…just according to the prompting of my free heart and renewed mind.

So, you are welcome on board.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. I just love your style,how you summarize life and then spraypaint it with colourful words across the walls of the galleries of the mind!

      1. Just so you know, I printed off your article on SOS. That was a message meant specifically for me. He used that post to confirm what I thought He was doing in me. Thank you for your obedience to His Spirit in sending it out.


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