All Things Are Yours…

Let’s take a moment and ponder on what would happen if Someone walked up to you in the heat of the day. He’s immaculately dressed in a black tux, white shirt, black tie and matching shoes.

The Guy presents to you His Identification card. You blink your eyes in wonder. Why, you say, He’s from my bank! His face has a tender mix of compassion and concern. You look into His eyes and instantly know you can trust Him.

All is going according to the script, until He tells you that there’s £100 million lying fallow in your bank account.

The cautious part of you looks incredulously at the Man standing in front of you.

A hundred million pounds?!!

The Man from your bank then presents your statement of account to you. You stare at the sheet of paper, your mind trying to convince your heart that it’s all a hoax.

But, moments later, with your tear-stained eyes facing the Bank Manager seated opposite you, you find out that there was no scam in the first place.

It was all true!

In fact, the money had been lying dormant in your account right from the day you were born!

You hold back the well of tears threatening to flood your eyes, as you remember the days you forced yourself to fast, since there was no money to buy food.
You remember how you used to walk long distances to your destinations because you had no money for transport.
You remember how you wore one cloth for all your social functions.
You remember how you couldn’t pay your bills….

Just then, the Manager peers down a particular document on the table and tells you that there’s a clause attached to the money in your account.

When you ask what it is, The Manager tells you that after every withdrawal you make, not minding how frequent or how large it is, the account is replenished back to its original amount!

You’d probably have fainted at this point!

Nice story, you might say…

But to me, it’s more than just a ‘nice story’. It’s an analogy that clearly depicts how many pass through life, enduring it while we’ve been given ALL THINGS to enjoy.

You see, in real life, we are all given a BLANK CHEQUE to write out whatever we want. For some, they write exorbitantly; others write less impressive figures. Still, some others do not even know that such a cheque exists in the first place!

The key here is KNOWLEDGE. Because, unless one KNOWS that he/she has priviledges and perks, he/she would probably just get by with life.

But regardless of the presence/absence of the knowledge, the TRUTH remains that everything has been given to us to enjoy!!!

That’s what abundant life’s all about.

You don’t have to struggle with lack of money or the absence of good health. You don’t have to battle with anxiety or certainty over the future.

You don’t have to struggle anymore because you’ve been given ALL THINGS that pertain to life here on earth.

All you have to do is to go to your banker, withdraw from the ‘pool of unlimited resources’ that has been freely given to you and live your life to the FULLEST.

It’s the good life. No scam!


A Quickie: The Truth About Lies

Whatever the reason that prompted it, a lie would always be a lie. There are no black lies. Neither are there white lies. Anything you say with the intent of misleading or deceiving is a lie….

And here’s where Human nature completely baffles me:

We all lie!

Right from the point little children reach the age of knowledge, they have the ‘potential’ to lie.
No one teaches them about it!
And they themselves know that it’s bad!

So, I want to ask:

“Suppose 4 minutes were to be deducted from your life for every lie you tell, how many minutes (or days or months…..or EVEN YEARS :-O ) would you have subtracted from your God-given lifespan?”

Oh…and by the way, while you are still busy calculating, the truth is that LYING ACTUALLY SHORTENS ONE’S LIFESPAN!!!


Shocking title, eh? I bet some of you are thinking of a smoke-filled room with a Big Fellow getting High on pot and the like. If that was your line of thought, it goes a long way to tell how much our generation has watered down the meaning of the words in the English Language.

Well, to help you have a better perspective on my ‘shocking’ title, let’s examine the Words of Jesus in Matthew 15 verse 13:

”But He answered and said, ‘Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up’ ”

The mind of an individual is like a farmland. The farmland could either be overgrown with weeds of evil immoral thoughts and negative self-talk. On the other hand, the farmland could have the seeds of God’s Word flourishing and blossoming, producing Fruits in their thirties, sixties and hundreds.

Yes, the devil would come. Wanting to sell to us his wares of tares. Sometimes, we resist him and at other times, we buy his tares of worry, fear, negativity and evil thoughts. We sow them on the farmlands of our minds. And water them, till they grow out of our controls. Then, we see them for what they truly are. Weeds. Horrible, stubborn weeds.

But I have Good News for you. God WEEDS. He knows what the seed of His Words should produce in our minds. And when He sees anything contrary to the Fruits like peace, love, joy, faith and so on, He steps into action. He WEEDS out all that He hasn’t planted in our lives. He uproots them and burns them to ashes. He clears our farmland and then plants into us The Seed of His Words which is able to save our souls. He then waters us with His Spirit till we bear Fruits. He even prunes us and we bear more and more of His delightful fruits!

So, where are you today? Overgrowing with weeds of sin, worry, doubt, evil thoughts and fear? God is still in the business of WEEDING. Why don’t you cry out on to Him and let Him step into your situation right now?

Oxygen And Nitrogen Are More Than Gases.

In those days, during elementary school, we were thought that air is a mixture of gases. Oxygen is the most important gas, as all living things need it to survive. Yet, we were told that oxygen only accounts for 21% of air. Nitrogen, which on the other hand, wasn’t necessary for respiration accounts for a whooping 78% of air. I always wondered why this was so. At least, it was only logical for the ‘most important’ gas to be the most abundant by percentage!

But as important as oxygen is, it’s very combustible. If the percentage of oxygen were to be any more than it currently is, every rock that has been heated by the sun would spontaenously go up in flames. And this is where the importance of nitrogen comes into play: Nitrogen, due to its non-combustible nature, slows down the combustible activities of oxygen. Thus, oxygen can support both life and combustion, without things getting out of hand.

In life, we meet people with ‘combustible’ characteristics. They are the bubbly people that like to make things happen. They are usually risk takers. And they are an embodiment of life. I’d call these ones the ‘Oxygen’ people. On the other hand, we meet people who aren’t as charismatic as those aforementioned. They have a cooler approach to life. They could be overly calculative. I’d call these the ‘Nitrogen’ people.

The TRUTH is that God is a God of variety. David, Peter, Barnabas, Paul, John all had different characteristics. He made everyone to be unique and different from others. Imagine how life would have been if everyone were to be of the ‘combustible’ nature. The whole world be on fire. Literally! Conversely, if everybody were to be of the ‘cooler’ nature, the whole world would be dry and colourless. So, does this mean that an ‘Oxygen’ person is better than the ‘Nitrogen’ counterpart or vice versa? No. None of these things makes one category of people to be more important than the other. Instead, we are all required to act to the strengths of our characters and live together in unity.

7 Lessons From The Sons of The Prophets.

Elisha carried a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. He seemed to be involved in every miracle mentioned. However, in a rare moment of scintillating brilliance, the much less heralded sons of the prophets took the limelight in the opening verses of II Kings 6. Their actions are practical and applicable to our everyday living. The 7 lessons are:

1. Don’t be comfortable with your shortcomings: The sons of the prophets found themselves in a tight corner. Literally speaking. They were quite happy to be wining and dining at the feet of Elisha. But they didn’t allow that opportunity to blind their minds to the harrowing problem of limited resources of space they were all facing with Elisha.

2. Speak out: The sons of the prophets spoke their minds out. They didn’t cower in the presence of organized and recognized authority. They weren’t murmuring and grumbling in the background. They presented their thoughts in an orderly and respectful manner.

3. Think Big: The sons of the prophets were not scared of an avant-garde thinking. It is never a sin to think big. You see, it’s only when one thinks big that he’d get big things out of life. The sons of prophets were not afraid of embarking on a large-scale project.

4. Do not procrastinate: It’s nice to have good intentions, but it doesn’t stop there. The sons of the prophets desired to move out of the tight corner they found themselves in. They didn’t wait for good weather conditions. Or when the mood was perfect. They acted immediately.

5. Be willing to progress: The sons of the prophets had identified the problem of limited space. They were ready and had the right mindset to ensure the status quo changed.

6. Plan: The sons of the prophets laid up strategies that would help them attain their goals. They had a good idea of the land to build on. They knew how to get the human and material resources for their assignment. They didn’t have a haphazard approact towards their set goal.

7. Don’t forget the God-Factor: The sons of prophets didn’t assume that their plans, strategies and feasibility studies would get the job done for them. They didn’t think they could do it all. They understood the role God plays in our endeavours. They wisely implored Elisha, whose life oozed with God’s presence, to go with them. And they didn’t regret it.

These very practical lessons would spark a sporadic turnaround in your life. Please pass the knowledge on. Cheers!

**THE PLATINUM GIFT FEATURED ARTICLE: ‘Our Days Are Unique Gifts’ – By Natalie Scarberry**

‘May you arise each day with a
voice of blessing whispering in your heart
May you find harmony between
your soul and your life
May the mansion of your soul
never become a haunted place
May you know the eternal
longing that lies at the heart of time
May there be kindness in your
gate when you look within’
~ Edited compilation of Blessings by John O’ Donohue.

Our days are unique gifts, new creations of God’s ageless story, and in them is the perennial promise of resurrection. Of the 24 hours in each day, a garden in the early morning is one of the most magical places. While birds call to one another, and bees busily work, ‘fairies’ bless the flowers and sprinkle them with dew. As a result, plants glisten in the first dappled rays of light, while sweet aromas rise from the soil not yet blistered by the sun.

A new day is a blank slate that waits for the mark of each and every one of us. Upon the slate, we have the opportunity to record acts of kindness, deeds of grace, words of truth, utterances of beauty, and thoughts of joy. In order to make the slate worthy of the gift and the Giver, we must keep our eyes wide open so we don’t miss the beauty, the joy and the wonder in our Father’s world. We must be fully awake and aware of the world and the people around us. They are there for a reason. We must remember it is a priviledge to perform daily prayers and an honour to do what should be done in accomplishing God’s will. Finally, we must ”sing, sing, sing and make music with the Heavens” for it is right to come into His courts with singing and words of praise on our lips.

Listen, O Heavens, and I will speak; hear, O Earth, the words of my mouth. Let my teachings fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants. I will proclaim the name of the LORD. Oh, praise the greatness of our God!

*Feel free to check Natalie Scarberry’s great blog here:

Don’t Just Charge, Change!

Probably, you’ve heard a teaching or piece of information that tingles your ears and excites your very being. For the next few hours (or days, if you are lucky), you can’t contain yourself. You blow fire and brimstone. You think you’re ready to explode…

But you don’t. Instead, you implode!

So, your excitement drops back to sub-threshold levels. The energy’s gone and your ensuing coldness makes you cool with everything. You aren’t passionate anymore. You’re merely going through the motions…

Then you hear another one. And this one excites you. You are ready. Ready to start the cycle again. And again. And again.

See, you can get all charged up all you want. But if it isn’t backed up with the desire to change, it becomes as the creaking of an old rusty gate. Trust me.

Yes, you pray and read the Bible. And you’re excited when you do this. But don’t you know it is possible to continually abide in that state? Or even make the quantum leap to the next level of change on the spiritual ladder? This has happened to people before and it is still happening. Charging up isn’t the end of the matter. Change is.

What of an eye-opener regarding your career or life? You’ve heard it before. You’re hearing a similar one again. The good intentions are flowing all around you. Don’t let it stop there. Step forward and do something different than just charging up and running down.

Enough with the sinusodial lifestyle! Stop flunctuating between levels of excitement and those of cold indifference. Instead, let each excitement level be the springboard to the next stage of your journey to destiny. Don’t just charge.


During my initial forays into the social networking world, I used to see the word ‘XOXO’ at the end of many emotionally blissful status updates. Females are mostly ‘guilty’ of this. Being my usual inquisitive self, I googled ‘XOXO’! I saw that in online messaging, it meant ‘Hugs and Kisses’. Still vague to me, I ‘researched’ a bit more. Then I found it. Each ‘X’ stands for a person’s four limbs while each ‘O’ stands for a person’s head. Thus, ‘XOXO’ stands for two people embracing. Albeit an horizontal one!

If I was asked to summarize life in one word, I’d say: Relationship. With God. With man. With your family. With your neighbour. With your bosses at work. With strangers. Relationship! Relationship!! Relationship!!!

All of life’s problems are relationship problems. And all relationship problems bore down to love. Today, we speak of spiritual dryness in our worship centres. Why? Because we don’t love God and have a relationship with Him.
We speak of strife in our families and neighbourhoods. Why? Because people are not relating in love.
There are political tensions in every nation of the world. Why? Because the people and the leaders don’t have a working loving relationship with God and their fellow citizens.

So, how do you think you are faring ‘relationship-wise’? Good? Bad? Moderately okay? Whichever you pick, a healthy relationship with God and man is possible. Let’s make an effort to make our world a better place because it begins with you and I.


We All Belong To One Race

When man was created, he was NOMINATED to be the choice of ALL creation. Alas, with our own hands, we have chosen to DENOMINATE ourselves into various divisions. Today, the talking point is about the Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants and the like. Tomorrow, it is the Negroes vs the Caucasians. The day after, we are talking about the caste system!

To be succinct, God created man to have dominion over the whole earth. Not over each other. All men were created as equals. Nobody is superior to anybody. And nobody was created to be less priviledged than anybody. However, for so many, the battleground is in the mind. So, some take their God-given dominion and place it under their equals. While some have an inflated self-image and enforce their dominion over others.

Instead, life should be seen as a race where everybody can be a winner. Everybody is eligible to run in it, irrespective of religious or social backgrounds. Life is a marathon race. Free for all, but dependent on endurance rather than speed. It is not how fast, but how well that would count in the end.

What’s the next step for you now? Lay aside every unnecessary weight that would slow you down in running the life race with endurance. You really don’t need the extra load of sin, bad habits, riotous living or traditional prejudices and unhelpful customs.

Race with purpose!
Race with intent!!
Race in God!!!