Word Salad

Fresh, raw and undiluted,
each bite tastier than the one before.
He custom-made it to fit, like a hand in a glove,
into all situations and circumstances I find myself.

With each mouthful, it penetrates my heart;
enjoyable, fearsome and fierce,
it always strikes a chord or two within my essence-
the treasured gold hidden in the earthen vessel.

I’m left uncomfortable with the status quo,
so there’s a yearning, and a rattling too,
a rumbling that exudes with zeal never before found.

The weak are strengthened, and
the runners motivated to race committedly.
On the long run, Desire pants
but the coolness of the taste revives again.

Ever complete, ever nutritous,
Ever powerful, ever beneficial,
the inner one which was once merely existing,
now lives.