Aaaaaargh, Think!!!

I took the television set and smashed it on my head. There was blood everywhere. And glass too. Okay, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I did not actually do the aforementioned. I just decided to let you in on the situation I’m in now. I’m having a hard time here because I’m not having the inspiration to write anything. Nothing. Nada.

I tried writing a poem to express what my mind is feeling but all the words came out flat. I know there’s a lid covering the wellspring of thoughts. Usually, I try to locate the lid and do something about it. Other times, I simply wait for the inspiration to hit me. Today, I’m going to try something new; I’d just take a leap of faith and write.

The only word that is ringing in my head now is: THINK!!!
And that about sums up my emotions right now.

The world does not run on petroleum, coal or any alternative source of energy. Err….at least not primarily. The world is run on ideas. Ideas rule the world. Why? Because if the mind can picture anything, then that thing is possible (check my article on ‘Words Onwards).

For starters, how about working on that creative part of your mind that is still lying fallow after all these years? And for those who are thinkers, what do you allow your mind to regurgitate upon? Thoughts that can benefit you and the world at large or thoughts that would ultimately bring you down.
The choice is yours. Choose wisely