A Quickie: The Truth About Lies

Whatever the reason that prompted it, a lie would always be a lie. There are no black lies. Neither are there white lies. Anything you say with the intent of misleading or deceiving is a lie….

And here’s where Human nature completely baffles me:

We all lie!

Right from the point little children reach the age of knowledge, they have the ‘potential’ to lie.
No one teaches them about it!
And they themselves know that it’s bad!

So, I want to ask:

“Suppose 4 minutes were to be deducted from your life for every lie you tell, how many minutes (or days or months…..or EVEN YEARS :-O ) would you have subtracted from your God-given lifespan?”

Oh…and by the way, while you are still busy calculating, the truth is that LYING ACTUALLY SHORTENS ONE’S LIFESPAN!!!


Because You Don’t Believe Doesn’t Make It Less True!

I had a discussion with a friend of mine not too long ago. He was shedding more light on some simplistic truths about life that seemed so good to be true. I like calling thes truths, ‘CHUNKS OF SOLID MEAT’ because you have to possess some level of maturity before you can believe them. I’m still having a hard time recovering my equilibrium after being hit by these truths. While I would not talk about these particular truths, I would like to talk about our attitudes to the truth. Especially when it is too good to be true.

Yes, we are living in a world with a lot of scam mails, get-rich schemes, lies and deception. And these have caused us to build an invisible wall around our minds as to what we decide to accept. In fact, we always point back to the fact that the quickest believers always need broad shoulders to bear the consequences of quick believing. True, trusts are betrayed on a daily basis but amongst that rubble of trash, there can always be the place of the pure truth.

This is the point where intuition and discretion are paramount. God has placed in the heart of every man a kind of sixth-sense gut feeling. Some could call it conscience but it gets sharper and more accurate when one is filled with the Spirit of God. This intuition/discretion/conscience plays an important role in helping us to sieve all that would come to us posing as the truth. Eventually, after our hearts and minds have tested all things, we are left with the truth(s).

Indeed, the reason why many people are hurt by easily believing whatsoever that comes their way is because they believe on impulse. Once the information appeals to their emotions, they immediately jump on it make it theirs. Acting this way is dangerous. Dont be brash. When next you are faced with a truth that you find so hard to believe, please do not hold on to your emotions, past experiences, personal prejudices or what other people feel about it. Instead, test the truth with your gut and if you have peace within you, you can go ahead and embrace it.